Photo | Design | MediaFullDepth – Enhancing Visibility of Images Captured by Underwater DronesFounded in 2014, FullDepth develops and…

Diana Mehner

Diana Mehner

Photo | Design | MediaDiana Mehner - On the dog!Dogs are exciting models for photographers – but not so easy to photograph. In an…

colourclass lofoten f81 transformed 1

ColourClass Lofoten


watch the project a09 transformed 1

Erik Johansson

https://www.eizo.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/2048.mp4 Visual Artist Erik JohanssonINSPIRE, BE INSPIREDIn this project, we follow…

radiological diagnostic imaging

Why ambient light is important in the reading room

Why ambient light is important in the reading roomControlling ambient lighting in reading rooms is vital to ensuring that radiologists are…

radiological diagnostic imaging

Monitor solutions for teleradiology

Selecting the ideal EIZO monitor for teleradiologyHospitals are able to adapt to the growing trend of remote work in radiology thanks to…

tips for sharp display Featured

Tips for sharp display of text and apps

Windows 11 blurryTips for sharp display of text and apps Are you using Windows 11 and wondering why your programs, fonts or images are…

12 soft proofing in photoshop 322

12. Soft proofing in Photoshop

Colour management for photographers12. Soft proofing in Photoshop While Lightroom offers very few but mostly useful settings for soft…

11 soft proofing for print simulation 997

11. Soft proofing for print simulation

Colour management for photographers11. Soft proofing for print simulationMy screen can show colours more intensely than any printer. If I…