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Examining the breast

The switch from analogue to digital mammography in combination with breast ultrasound and, to some degree, MRI, has vastly improved the quality of breast cancer diagnostics.

Diagnostics systems must meet high quality standards in order to fully exploit the potential of the procedures and assist in the early detection of tumours. This applies even more so to their use in breast cancer screening programmes, for which the image reproduction device needs to deliver a fast response time for mammography data sets with high performance, meeting special requirements.

EIZO recommends the following as diagnostic monitors for digital mammography

monitors for mammography

EIZO benefits at a glance:

  • Precise, even monitor image
  • High contrast ratio
  • Deep black levels to help distinguish between similar dark grey levels
  • 10-bit display supports razor sharp reproduction and reliable differentiation between even the slightest tissue inconsistencies
  • Calibration according to DICOM® standard, including availability of DICOM® presets and ongoing quality testing, for long-term precision
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The right monitor for every situation in mammography diagnostics

In addition to the conventional monochrome display on two monitors, EIZO addresses other user requirements: widescreen monitors for displaying before and after images in parallel without any distracting bezels between images and a multi-modality option for displaying mammography, ultrasound, and MRI images.

The reliable detection of breast cancer requires a precise, even, high-resolution monitor image. EIZO’s image reproduction devices ensure maximum diagnostic accuracy in digital mammography by delivering a clear reproduction of the smallest details, a reliable differentiation of the finest nuances and optimal brightness at all times.

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