Visual Artist Erik Johansson


In this project, we follow visual artist Erik Johansson as he works with a new project at the same time as he is coaching two people from idea to finished image. We will follow the work of three individuals in these four films. The first film offers an introduction to Erik and his work; the second film focuses on the creative process and the ideas behind the image; and the third on the photo process. In the fourth film, we follow the retouching process and the final images will be revealed. This project is a collaboration between Erik Johansson, who is an ambassador for EIZO ColorEdge, and the leading Swedish photo magazine Kamera & Bild.

1. An ever searching gaze

In this first episode, we get to know the visual artist Erik Johansson, his story and gain an insight into how he goes about the visual process. He grew up in the countryside in Sweden, but Erik now calls Prague his hometown. In his city studio, Erik describes how he always starts by formulating the idea by sketching on a piece of paper and then begins planning the very complex process of shooting the right photos and finding the right locations. Towards the end of the film, we will also catch a glimpse of the project Erik is working on.

2. The creative process

This episode focuses on the creative process, what steps are needed to progress from an idea to the next level, an achievable image. In this episode, we are introduced to the two people that Erik will coach through their respective journeys from idea to finished image when they visit him in Prague. As it turned out, this is sometimes one of the most challenging parts of the entire visual process. The video includes some very useful tips for how you can take your idea to the next level. So, have a look and be inspired!

3. Finding the right angles

In the third episode, Erik and his “pupils” get down to work photographing their ideas. We follow the pupils as they meet and tackle the different challenges in their respective projects. Erik shares some insights from earlier experiences. But will he find the right location for shooting his woman with the stars?

4. The road to the finished image

In this final episode, Erik shares some of his best tips and tricks for ways to retouch and realise the finished image. Erik spends a considerable amount of time working with this stage of the process. The air is filled with excitement when the participants display their final pieces to Erik.

About Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson is a world-renowned photographer and visual artist from Sweden based in Prague, Czech Republic. Erik works with his own and commissioned projects across the globe. He has his very own style and his work can be described as a surreal world created by combining different photographs. Erik has always been interested in looking at the world differently, trying to combine things that are not normally possible to combine. Growing up in the countryside in Sweden, Erik has often found his inspiration in nature and that is still an important element of most of his work. It is also a source of inspiration that earned him the “Wildlife Photo of the Year Award” in Sweden in 2015. Erik is always trying to capture ideas rather than moments in time, and he is therefore constantly looking for inspiration for new and impossible pieces of visual art with the ambition of making the impossible look possible. This requires considerable time spent planning, photographing and editing the images, and even if the end results are impossible, the journey and process are based entirely on real photos. His work has been exhibited in numerous photography galleries and art museums across Sweden and internationally. For more information about Erik and his work, please visit

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