EIZO Monitors for

Textile and fashion industry

Speed and cost efficiency

Even today, small, real samples of fabrics, yarns or other materials such as leather and plastics are often sent around the world to assess their colour, texture and effect. However, with shorter product cycles, an increasingly fast-moving market and rising cost pressure are causing a rethink throughout the industry.

Digitalisation of the supply chain

The majority of processes in the supply chain can already be carried out digitally: this includes, measuring the colours of yarns, fabrics or almost any other materials, providing data through common interfaces between suppliers and buyers.

But also the display of digital data for the human eye on the monitor up to the further processing of the digital materials into two- and three-dimensional models dramatically accelerates and simplifies the workflow. In this way, an extremely realistic and meaningful impression of individual components or of the finished product can already be obtained on the monitor.

Photography image 01 1 ColorEdge CS2400R
textile 600x400 1 uai ColorEdge CS2400R

Graphic monitor indispensable

For the digital versions to be as reliable and meaningful as a real roll of yarn, a real test-woven piece of fabric, a lacquered workpiece or even a whole dress, you need an absolutely precise graphics monitor. In other words: a ColorEdge monitor from EIZO.

ColorEdge - made for absolute precision

The EIZO ColorEdge range of monitors can produce over 1 billion colours, due to their large colour space and immense colour depth. This allows the monitor to display precise imagery as well as producing accurate colour reproduction.

In addition, a monitor in this environment must quickly and easily adjust to the prevailing ambient light conditions, ensuring any errors due to ambient light are kept to a minimum.

This combined with EIZO’s loss-free hardware calibration and software ColorNavigator, means the EIZO ColorEdge is the perfect solution to the world of digitalisation in the textile and fashion industry.

CS Series: Entry level for professional demands

Provides the precision required for the digital sourcing and design process.

  • Large colour space
  • 16-bit LUT for greatest colour depth
  • 10 bit colour representation
  • Homogeneous image representation through Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE)
  • EIZO Factory Calibration
  • Calibration software ColorNavigator included
  • Light protection bonnet optional
coloredge cs be4 uai ColorEdge CS2400R
coloredge cg b46 uai ColorEdge CS2400R

CG Series: High-end monitors for advanced demands

Maximum precision combined with built-in measurement sensors make the CG series the ideal choice in a professional context.

  • All features of the CS series
  • Integrated sensor for automatic self-calibration
  • Richer depths and higher contrasts thanks to True Black Display
  • Light protection bonnet included

"We have been looking for monitors that offer the degree of reproducible precision we need in the digital workflow for a long time and finally found what we were looking for at EIZO."

Luca Bicego, IT Specialist at Marzotto

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