Monitor solutions tailored to automation technology

The DuraVision models offer high reliability, robustness and functionality required for use in production halls and manufacturing plants. Depending on the requirements and application, you can choose between many different versions and inch sizes.

The right model for every application

Optimised for industrial use, EIZO monitors are designed for 24-hour use and have a 2-year warranty. To function perfectly even in difficult environments, the monitor housings have no ventilation openings and the buttons are sealed so that neither liquid nor dust can penetrate.

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Uncompromising reliability

The special quality of all components and the high manufacturing, testing and inspection standards at EIZO guarantee an exceptionally high reliability of the monitors. This is reflected in the long service life, so that you benefit from outstanding investment security. EIZO monitors have important certifications such as CE, FCC, UL and CCC.

Different touchscreen variations

Touch monitors from EIZO support comfortable and intuitive operation. Especially for use in production halls, EIZO offers touch monitors that are dust and water resistant and can even be used gloved. EIZO offers solutions with PCAP, Acoustic Wave and Analogue Resistant Touch technologies.

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Choice of different inch sizes

Depending on the integration needs, the requirements for the size of the display vary and so diagonals between 10″ and 19″ are possible.

EIZO models available in four different configurations

Because the requirements for integrations in machine and industrial solutions are very different, the EIZO models are available in four different configurations: Standard (with stand), VESA mount (without stand), Chassis and Panel Mount.

Product selection (other models on request)

The following models give you a brief overview of our portfolio. These are not listed on EIZO’s European websites and can only be found on the international EIZO website, including more precise technical details.

NameDiagonal Resolution Touch
FDX1003 10,4“1024x768 -
FDX1003T 10,4“1024x768 Analogue resistive
FDX1203 12“ 1024x768 -
FDX1203T 12“ 1024x768 Analogue resistive
FDSV1201 12,1“ 800x600 -
FDSV1201T 12,1“ 800x600 Analogue resistive
FDX1502T 15“ 1024x768 Analogue resistive
FDS1782T 17“ 1280x1024 PCAP
FDS1721T 17“ 1280x1024 SAW
FDS1921T 19” 1280x1024 SAW
FDS1904T 19” 1280x1024 PCAP

Individual solutions

We know that the security and surveillance sector has very varied and specific requirements

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