Monitor Expertise

General monitor knowledge

Colour management

Colour management complete workflow

The goal of the colour management workflow is to have an unadulterated view of the image file at any point in the digital/graphic workflow.…

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What is HDR

An easy-to-follow explanation of HDR, covering everything from the basics to the latest trends. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and…

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LCD display quality

Display quality

Have you ever properly checked the display quality of the LCD you habitually use? Very often people become aware of previously unnoticed…

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Eizo HDR 1


EIZO's HDR reference monitor, ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145, is the first monitor to overcome the severe drawbacks of other HDR technologies…

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age of hdr 1

Age of HDR

The new technology that has been drawing attention in the field of imaging as the next step beyond 4K is “HDR,” or high dynamic range.…

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4k monitor 1

4K monitors

The number of 4K monitors for PCs is gradually increasing. It may seem a little like speculation, but they solve various problems with…

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Understanding the Colour Gamut of an LCD Monitor 1

Understanding colour gamut

A primer on understanding colour gamuts and what to keep in mind when choosing and using an LCD monitor. This article will address certain…

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Display ports

Modern video inputs

If you’re considering purchasing a monitor, it’s always important to check which video inputs are supported. Let’s take a look at some of…

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USB-C is the true all-rounder that everybody has been talking about. But, in reality, it’s simply the latest connector format in the USB…

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Creator update

Windows 10 creators update

Windows released the free Windows 10 ‘Creators Update’ (version number 1703) in May 2017. With this update come a few new and changed…

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Multiple monitors

Windows 10 multiple monitors

There are many reasons to connect a second monitor to your Windows 10 PC. Anyone who frequently uses multiple software windows at the same…

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External Monitor

External monitor for your notebook

Notebook PCs have become a vital part of the office scene, providing a means to work anywhere – be it inside the office or out. However,…

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Color temperature

Colour temperature on an LCD monitor

In this article, we'll focus on colour temperature, a fundamental parameter in picture quality adjustments. While colour temperature…

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alt 6f7 uai

Understanding pixel density

The shift to high pixel density displays, which started with smartphones and tablets, has spread to the world of PC display monitors. 4K…

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tips for sharp display Featured

Tips for sharp display of text and apps

Are you using Windows 11 and wondering why your programs, fonts or images are blurry? You can easily find the possible causes with a few…

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Optical bonding

Optical bonding

EIZO has an in-house production line for optical bonding - a method with which to provide increased visibility and durability to LCD…

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The Making of a FlexScan monitor 1

Making a flexscan monitor

We design, manufacture and quality control test our products in house. In this article, we take you on a step-by-step tour of how our…

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