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Plain Film Radiology

High-performance monitors for the most subtle structural delineations

In Plain Film Radiology, the optimisation of brightness and greyscales ensure unprecedented contrasts that allow even the most subtle structural delineations. A high-performance monitor that is equipped to handle the needs of users and medical investigations emphasises this effect. EIZO monitors use the DICOM® GSDF luminance characteristic curve to display consistent brightness. Various sensors ensure that the monitors deliver a uniform image quality over time, sustainably meet the DICOM® standard and effortlessly pass the legally prescribed consistency testing.

EIZO recommends the following as diagnostic monitors for Radiology

monitors for Radiology

EIZO benefits at a glance:

  • Monitor models adapted to specific needs (size, screen resolution, colour or greyscale)
  • Automatic calibration according to DICOM® standard
  • Guaranteed brightness stability
  • Presence sensor intelligently dims the monitors to save energy
  • Greater flexibility in creating and displaying the hanging protocol based on screen size and resolution
  • Features such as anti-reflective displays ensure optimal ergonomics
  • Power-saving, mercury-free LED backlighting for high energy efficiency
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When diagnosing digital X-ray images, more and more users are demanding large widescreen monitors on which images of different modalities can be opened in parallel. EIZO widescreen monitors have a continuous panel that is designed for exactly this purpose. They allow different images to be displayed in a flexible layout (hanging protocol) without distracting bezels.

The range of EIZO RadiForce displays includes various special monitors that support the workflow of digital X-ray diagnostics. Users can choose not only between colour and greyscale monitors, but can also select a screen resolution according to their specific requirements. Another advantage offered by these monitors is the Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) function, which compensates for imbalances in brightness and chrominance in different areas of the screen.

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