ColorNavigator Network

Network Colour Management Software

ColorNavigator Network enables centralized quality assurance for ColorEdge monitors with ColorNavigator 7.


ColorNavigator Network

ColorNavigator Network enables centralized quality assurance for ColorEdge monitors with ColorNavigator 7. This solution is ideal for post-production studios, printing houses, and other companies who wish to ensure the image quality of their monitors centrally and thereby lower maintenance costs.

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Quality control software for ColorEdge monitors for administrators

Administrators can use ColorNavigator Network to configure colour modes, define schedules for self-calibration, activate keyboard locks, prevent unintentional changes to colour settings (CG range), register or change settings for asset management, and import or export monitor settings.

1. Centralised control

Uniform colours and centralized quality management

If ColorNavigator 7 is installed on all computers, administrators can use ColorNavigator Network software to automate quality assurance tasks in ColorEdge monitors in the entire studio and even across different sites.

Centralised quality control via a network

ColorNavigator Network provides centralised quality control (QC) and calibration of ColorEdge monitors, for organisations with multiple content creators and editors working on shared projects. With NetAgent or ColorNavigator 7 installed on the workstation, administrators can manage multiple ColorEdge monitors from a web browser, enabling QC and calibration from remote locations.

ColorNavigator Network also supports ColorNavigator NX.

Time-saving management of multiple client monitors

With traditional QC management, monitors must be adjusted individually – an extremely time-consuming process. With ColorNavigator Network, an administrator can centrally manage the QC of multiple ColorEdge monitors. This reduces the maintenance workload and ensures consistency between monitors and workstations.

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Manage monitors remotely

ColorNavigator Network also enables easy QC management between different locations. This allows control of settings and standards for specific projects or jobs and ensures consistency as image and video data moves through the production stages.

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2. Main features of ColorNavigator Network

With ColorNavigator Network, administrators can assign individual settings for connected monitors via the web browser. They can even assign on a per-project or per-job basis to ensure the same standards are used throughout the production workflow.

The supported functions may vary depending on the model.

Set colour modes

You can set the colour mode (standard mode / extended mode) of the monitor, set target values for extended mode, set brightness, white point, gamma and colour space for standard mode and much more. You can easily set all monitors to the same parameters at once, even if you are working in a different location or collaborating with studios in other locations. This reduces the overall time and effort required to maintain monitor quality control.

Self-calibration with built-in sensors

If you manage a ColorEdge CG Series monitor with a built-in calibration sensor, you can perform calibration remotely via ColorNavigator Network. In addition, you can programme the monitor to automatically recalibrate at a specific time or at regular intervals. This ensures that the monitors remain colour accurate and saves the user from having to maintain the monitor settings themselves.

Key lock management

Lock the OSD to prevent unintentional changes to monitor settings, such as colour mode or brightness.

Client software for remote colour management

NetAgent is a client software that runs in the background and allows administrators to perform colour management remotely. As this software runs in the background, users will be uniterrupted while also not ahving to worry about the monitor settings.

Download NetAgent >

Monitor status and asset management

Check the status of connected monitors and register asset information via ColorNavigator Network, including time of use, colour mode settings, date and time of last calibration, etc. In addition, unique asset information such as the connected PC and user name can also be registered for each monitor.

3. Worry-free web hosting

ColorNavigator Network is hosted on a secure cloud server. The user’s own server, which involves initial investment and ongoing costs, is therefore not required.

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Notes: This product contains software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit (
This product contains cryptographic software written by Eric Young (

4. Save time and work

The ColorNavigator Network can save hundreds of hours annually associated with regular colour management maintenance. Using a recent example from one of the world’s best-known production studios, 411 hours per year are saved by using the solution (see figure).

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Support and availability

ColorNavigator Network is compatible with ColorEdge CG and CS series monitors. A complete list of supported models can be found here.

The CG3146 is not supported.

Remote calibration is not possible with CX/CS series monitors because they do not have built-in calibration sensors. If you set the calibration target via ColorNavigator Network, you must attach an external sensor to the monitor and perform the calibration using the ColorNavigator 7 software.

Contact the EIZO Group company or distributor in your country to inquire about ColorNavigator Network.



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