Image editing monitors for all creatives

Are you an art director, web designer, or illustrator? Do you work on image editing, retouching, or design? Then you will know how important accurate colour rendering on your monitor is. In close data exchanges with colleagues and clients, colours and gradients must always appear exactly the same. If this is not guaranteed, this will result in an unnecessarily high number of coordination and correction runs.

In order to work efficiently and keep to tight schedules, you need a monitor with an absolutely accurate colour display. A built-in calibration sensor automatically ensures that your monitors are always perfectly calibrated, without you having to spend your valuable working time doing so, thus saving you time and money.

What creatives need:

  1. Wide gamut
  2. Absolute colour fidelity thanks to precise colour display
  3. Simple, speedy, and seamlessly linked workflows
  4. Automatic calibration and correction
  5. Option to calibrate for different profiles
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