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Clinic and hospital administration

Monitors for convenient use in hospitals

When working at a screen, excellent image quality is important not only for medical diagnostics and review. High-quality, ergonomic monitors are also useful for the administration of medical facilities.

In addition to special monitors for the medical field, EIZO offers the FlexScan series of first-class monitors to address these requirements in hospitals. FlexScan series monitors can be adapted to the needs of individual workstations and constitute a highly ergonomic and extremely energy-efficient solution for enhancing performance in everyday hospital tasks.

monitors for clinic and hospital administration

EIZO benefits at a glance:

  • Most FlexScan series monitors come with a DICOM® preset
  • Excellent image quality
  • Perfect ergonomics ensure better posture and less eye fatigue
  • Extremely energy-efficient and therefore economical
  • Modern, sleek and space-saving design
  • Nearly all FlexScan monitors come with a five-year guarantee
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Office solutions

Professional high-end LCDs for the modern office.

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FlexScan product line

EIZO Professional monitors for offices and homes.