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Network QC Management Server Provider

Network quality control server management for hospitals around the world.


RadiNET Pro Web Hosting

Network quality control server management for hospitals around the world with RadiNET Pro Web Hosting.

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1. Used Reliably Worldwide

Used Reliably Worldwide en 2022

2. Optimal Quality Control of Monitors in Your Hospital

Expert Quality Control Services for Reassurance

For many hospitals, setting up and maintaining a server for monitor quality control operations is a significant investment. EIZO RadiNET Pro Web Hosting will setup and host the web server for you for efficient centralized control of all connected monitors.

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3. RadiNET Pro Web Hosting – Worry-Free Web Hosting

Instead of installing and setting up your own network QC management server in your hospital, EIZO will host the server for you, allowing you to use RadiNET Pro Web Hosting to manage all the connected monitors centrally. This frees you from the initial costs and labor of setting up the server as well as saves on the resources needed to maintain it.

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4. Use the Same Server as RadiNET Pro

RadiNET Pro and RadiNET Pro Web Hosting utilize the same interface and management methods so you do not have to install a separate server.

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5. Stay Up to Date with Status Notifications

When a monitor’s screen conditions change or adjustments become necessary, an email notification will be sent to the administrator. This ensures administrators are always up to date with monitor statuses.

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6. Secured Access with RadiNET Pro Web Hosting

By utilizing gateway software, a secure Internet connection is offered at the entrance of the in-hospital network and external network.

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