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EIZO High-end monitor solutions

EIZO has been developing and producing high-quality monitors and display solutions since 1968 for use in office environments, the healthcare industry, graphic design, image processing, design and video production, video surveillance and air traffic control.

About us

EIZO is the Japanese word for “image”. The company was founded in Japan over 50 years ago and has since developed into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end monitor solutions. Today, EIZO’s monitors and display solutions are available in over 90 countries and are used in numerous industries.

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EIZO Brand Message

In-house development & production

EIZO sees itself as a driver of innovation and quality leader when it comes to monitor technology. This claim is based on its in-house research and development centres in Japan and Germany.

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Responsible entrepreneurial action

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has played an important role for EIZO for decades, because we take our company’s responsibility for society and the environment seriously.

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Our quality promise

Thanks to continuous research and development of high-quality components and technologies, EIZO produces monitor solutions that are strong when it comes to quality and absolute reliability.

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What we do matters. We create imaging solutions which enrich people in their professional and personal lives. We no longer just make monitors, we capture the images that matter the most. Recording, then analysing them and delivering results wherever they need to be seen.

Our commitment to visual excellence helps our customers achieve their best work without any thought of how they do it. It is this dedication that enriches all of us. At EIZO it’s about enriching others, and also, enriching ourselves.

Unfortunately EIZO UK does not have any open vacancies at the current moment in time.

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Take a look at the latest news about our products and the company. For press enquiries please contact Mike Owen, Head of Marketing at +44 (0)1344-236 101 or email

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