Image Optimisation Systems Overview

Image Optimisation Systems

The EIZO DuraVision EVS1VX and EVS1VS image optimisation systems prove that image optimisation is also achieved outside the monitor. With both systems improving the recognisability of video recordings in the areas of security, monitoring, infrastructure maintenance and image analysis in real-time.

Visual Evaluation

Image optimisation for improved visibility

The visual evaluation of image recordings or live recordings is critically important. Be it for crime prevention, monitoring and control of infrastructure, detection of product defects, scientific image analysis and numerous other scenarios.

However, the visibility of footage can be reduced due to uncontrollable circumstances. This increases the risk of wrong decisions or makes efficient evaluation difficult. EIZO image enhancement systems improve visibility in a variety of situations where an accurate review of video content is required.

Models comparison

Use caseBenefits and advantagesEVS1VXEVS1VS
Monitoring at nightLightens dark areasYesYes
Reduces noise at high ISOYes*-
Infrastructure and maintenance Differentiates cracks in walls or concreteYesYes
Facilitates the detection of manufacturing defectsYesYes
Reduces noise during video compression
2D noise reductionYesYes
3D noise reductionYes*-
Outdoor surveillance Differentiates the visual effects of fog and atmospheric hazeYesYes
Image analysis Distinguishes details in mainly monochrome imagesYes*-
Screenshots Images including improvements on USB stickYes*-
Display modes for different situations Quick switching between different display modes Yes-
Select image areasEnhance a specific area of the image Yes-


Optimisation of incoming video content

The DuraVision EVS1VX and EVS1VS systems are installed via HDMI between the signal source; camera or recorder, and the monitor or analysis unit to optimise incoming video content. This simplifies the visual differentiation of image details and facilitates image analysis in AI-supported systems.

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Visibility Optimizer technology

EVS1VX and EVS1VS are based on EIZO’s Visibility Optimizer, which analyses and adjusts the image pixel by pixel in real time without changing the source data. Areas which are difficult to see due to low light, atmospheric haze or other environmental conditions are detected and the brightness of each pixel is adjusted to increase the recognisability of the scene. This is useful not only for night or fog visibility, but also for detecting surface irregularities, such as cracks in concrete, tracks, pipes or asphalt.

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