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24/7 video surveillance

Professional monitors and solutions for video surveillance (VSS/CCTV)

Monitors and other products used in video surveillance need to be durable and reliable – and maintain these qualities throughout 24/7 use. EIZO solutions boast excellent image quality and a high degree of reliability, making them the perfect choice for use in video security systems (VSS/CCTV).

That’s why EIZO’s portfolio offers the right solution for any application: from IP decoding monitors with integrated hardware decoding and flexible installations with IP decoding boxes to digital and analogue monitors with image optimisation functions.

Video Surveillance

monitors for video surveillance

EIZO benefits at a glance:

  • Suitable for 24/7 use
  • High reliability and long product life cycle
  • Perfect solution for use in businesses, buildings, underground carparks, outdoor areas, access controls and many other scenarios
  • IP monitors and IP decoding boxes can be connected to surveillance cameras and systems without a computer
  • Improved detection capabilities thanks to optimised image reproduction (for example, via low-light correction)

"The EIZO IP decoding monitor allows us to display the images from several IP cameras quickly and effectively without displaying an interconnecting PC."

Walibi theme park, Holland

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Individual solutions

We know that the security and surveillance sector has very varied and specific requirements

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Case studies

Monitors in use - who chooses EIZO and why

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