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All EIZO products sold by EIZO Limited are covered by the EIZO industry leading warranty.

Dependent on product range purchased, the warranty ensures all monitors are included with a “Return to Base Warranty” as standard. EIZO Limited’s Repair Centre is located in Ascot. Further warranty options and various warranty lengths are applicable for specific EIZO monitor ranges, please contact us directly with your model and serial number to confirm.

Please note the standard EIZO Warranty is non-transferable.

To request support for your EIZO product, please go this page.

EIZO Warranty Overview

EIZO have a less than 1% failure rate over the full period of the warranty across all our monitors, however in the unfortunate event that your monitor requires a repair, hopefully the following information will help answer some questions.

If you need to use any of these services, our support team are always on hand to help you.

All EIZO monitors are covered by our Global Warranty.  This means that should you purchase a monitor in another country and then, for example, move to the UK – we would still support you here in UK should you have any technical issues and repairs, if required.  We would always advise contacting the local EIZO UK service centre to where you are based to try to provide you with the most efficient service as possible.

The global warranty lasts for 5 years or a set number of amount of usage, usually between 10,000 and 30,000 hours, whichever is reached first.  The exact warranty details are available on request from your UK representative of EIZO Limited.

EIZO Limited is a UK based subsidiary of the EIZO Corporation (Japan) and provides some additional warranty benefits to those provided under the EIZO global warranty, as outlined in the ‘Types of Warranty’ section of this document.

Do I need to activate/register my monitor?

No – all EIZO products are tracked by their serial number and the warranty period starts at the point of dispatch from your local EIZO office.

What do I do if I have a technical issue?

EIZO Limited have our own in-house technical support team and repair centre based here in the UK. We are happy to help assist in trying to resolve a technical issue or take you through the process, should your monitor need to come in for one of our engineers to inspect.

Our details

Phone: 01344 317 489

The team is available Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm (excluding public holidays)

Types of warranty

Return to Base (RTB) Warranty

This warranty requires the customer to ship the monitor to our UK repair centre in Berkshire. The monitor needs to be packaged safely and securely to prevent damage in transit as this is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
When any work has been completed and the monitor is ready to be returned, EIZO will ship the monitor back to your UK address.

Products included;

  • FlexScan EV and S ranges

Double Swap Loan Unit Warranty

EIZO Limited has enhanced the global warranty, for UK based customers, covering a selection of our monitors as we understand the critical impact your monitor can have as part of a professional workflow.

For monitors purchased from EIZO Limited the following process would apply (UK Mainland only)

  • If EIZO Limited confirm that the monitor needs to come in for an engineer to inspect then they will offer you a loan monitor, should you require it.
  • If you do, a form will be sent over that acknowledges that we are loaning you a monitor while we have yours in for inspection/repair.
  • Upon receipt of this completed form we will then look to arrange a day that is convenient for our technician to visit to deliver the loan monitor and collect your screen for inspection.
  • Our aim is to complete the initial swap/collection within 1 working day however this is dependent on work schedules, distance, and availability.
  • The packaging from the loan monitor will be utilised to transport your monitor back to our repair centre.
  • Once your screen is ready to be returned, EIZO Limited will be in touch to arrange for a technician to deliver your monitor and, in turn, collect the loan one.

For screens that are located offshore and fall into this category please note that we will arrange collection and delivery for these monitors as a loan unit is not supplied.

Products included;

  • ColorEdge CS, CX and CG ranges and RadiForce RX, MX, GX and MS ranges

Bright Pixel Policy

EIZO has a Bright Pixel Policy on certain FlexScan EV, ColorEdge CG, CS and CX models – details and a full list of covered models can be found using the following link, under Pixel Policy:

7-year warranty

The 7-year warranty is only available on the RadiForce RX range products, purchased via EIZO Limited or its authorised resellers, used in a UK based location and sold after April 1st 2023.

The warranty period covers from the point of dispatch by EIZO Limited, for a period of either 7-years or 20,000 hours usage, whichever occurs first.

Touch Screen Product Warranty

The Touch Screen range of monitors all come with a 3-year RTB warranty.

If you find that you have a monitor which is not in any of the headings above for example our Surgical Panels, or Security screens then please contact EIZO Limited directly who will be able to confirm the warranty.

Products included;

  • DuraVision FDF and FDS ranges and Radiforce MS range

Could it be a non-warranty repair?

Repairs deemed to be outside of warranty (for example accidental damage or if the customer wishes to repair a monitor beyond the warranty period) can be requested through the support team at EIZO Limited.

  • The EIZO team will provide a quote once the monitor has been inspected at the repair centre.
  • The customer would be responsible for delivering the monitor safely to the repair centre.
  • Upon receipt of the full payment work can commence.
  • If the customer decides not to proceed with the repair after the inspection has taken place a charge for the inspection will still apply.
  • If the necessary parts are not in stock, then these will need to be ordered in from Japan however the customer will have been advised of this at the point of receiving the quote.

EIZO Limited will ship the monitor back to the customer upon completion of the necessary work (UK mainland only).