EIZO Monitors for

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Professional CAD monitors with maximum resolution

The requirements placed on monitors are particularly high when it comes to computer aided design. Whether you’re after large screens, extraordinary colour fidelity, high resolution or excellent contrast, EIZO monitors are a very good choice.

What CAD users need

  • Extraordinary image quality thanks to the highest quality LCD panels and the best electronics
  • Viewing angle stability
  • Precise display of colours, gradients, and white points
  • High-resolution and large screens
  • Fatigue-free, efficient working
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Maximum display quality for optimum CAD images

To realize complex CAD images and renderings with the finest of details and to map them exactly, the monitor rendering has to be exact and stable, as well as have a high resolution. For this reason, only the absolute top-quality panels and well-engineered electronics are considered.

EIZO screens are particularly impressive thanks to their extraordinary colour accuracy, high contrast, and constant rendering in the editing process. Their high resolution – up to 4K – provides optimum support for ultra-precise work. For CAD applications that are particularly colour-critical, EIZO ColorEdge displays rate highly in terms of colour fidelity and calibration.

More space at work

Regardless of whether you are working as an architect, design engineer, packaging designer, dentist, or in another role requiring CAD, the monitor forms the centrepiece of your work and must be sufficiently large and have a suitably high resolution. The EIZO models for CAD are available in various sizes and formats.

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Advantages of EIZO office monitors

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Environmental Commitment

EIZO strives to contribute to the sustainable development of our society by being conscious of the impact our business has on the environment.

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