EIZO LCD Monitors for

Home office, private users & small businesses

LCD monitors with excellent image quality you can rely on

The reliable EIZO office LCDs meet all requirements placed on them by private users and small businesses. They combine the optimum image quality with ergonomic and cost-effective properties, as well as a variety of connection options. The exquisite quality of EIZO monitors is confirmed on a regular basis by expert tests and international awards.

Professional business monitors for all operations

What private users and small business owners need

  • One monitor for all applications
  • Maximum image quality
  • Convincing service and warranty
  • High product quality and durability
  • Good ergonomics
  • Energy-saving operation

Monitors for the home office

Much has changed in terms of how and where we work today. It’s more likely than ever that we’ll be spending more time working from home than in the past. That’s why it’s important to have the right equipment for the job.

Whether you’re working from home as a temporary measure or your home office setup is a permanent one, have the same high-quality equipment is crucial to being able to work with at least the same level of efficiency and standards of health as in the company office.

Tips and recommendations for selecting suitable home office monitors

We have compiled the most important tips and recommendations to help you select suitable monitors for your workstation at home and explain the key technical features.

EIZO guidebook: What do you need to consider when selecting select suitable monitors for the home office?
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Be your best from anywhere with an EIZO

Whether it’s top image quality, unrivalled connection options or practical ergonomic features, there are many reasons why an external workstation monitor has a place in every home office setup. We’ve summarised the top five reasons for you.

Five great reasons why an EIZO monitor belongs in every home office setup

Advantages of EIZO office monitors

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Environmental Commitment

EIZO strives to contribute to the sustainable development of our society by being conscious of the impact our business has on the environment.

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