Perfect for video postproduction

Thanks to a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels, the CG319X is the ideal monitor for processing DCI 4K content and displaying it in a native manner. The CG319X boasts 98% DCI P3 colour range coverage, impressive deep black levels and a contrast ratio of 1500:1, making it the ideal choice for professional colour grading for 4K content.

Fit for the future: Perfect integration into the HDR workflow

The CG319X features presets for both of the gamma curves used in the HDR workflow: HLG (hybrid log gamma) and PQ (perceptual quantization). That enables it to be ideally integrated into HDR postproduction workflows, in which real HDR is usually not employed until the final step of work (colour grading) on monitors such as the EIZO ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145. All previous work is carried out on SDR monitors such as the CG319X – thanks to the installed gamma curves, this model is able to reproduce HDR tone value gradation in a visually correct manner.

Extremely sharp images

A monitor with DCI 4K also has decisive advantages beyond the realm of 4K video, such as for photographers and graphic designers: For instance, the CG319X depicts images in an extremely sharp manner, thanks to its 149 ppi resolution. Moreover, the 19:10 aspect ratio forms two nearly square monitor halves, which creates plenty of room for arranging several programs alongside one another and, in many cases, eliminates the need to work with a second monitor.

Numerous detail enhancements

The functionality of the CG319X’s built-in calibration sensor represents an improvement over its predecessor – it even enables work to be continued during calibration. Furthermore, the CG319X does not feature built-in fans, which allows for work – for example, using a grading suite – to be carried out in pleasant silence. DCI 4K material can be viewed at 60 Hz via two DisplayPorts as well as two HDMI ports. As a result, the CG319X can not only be integrated into PC-based workflows, but also be used with feeds.

Thanks to the built-in calibration sensor, the new 24 bit look-up-table, the extremely precise calibration carried out at the factory and the temperature-controlled, integrated Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE), users can always rely on receiving a perfect, undistorted image of their digital file.

Calibration with the ColorNavigator and ColorNavigator NX

EIZO offers two special programs for calibrating the CG319X: ColorNavigator NX and ColorNavigator 6. These enable users to define target values for brightness, gamma and white balance as well as create an ICC profile. ColorNavigator 6 comes included with the monitor and is perfect for individual users. ColorNavigator NX is available as a free download from the EIZO websites and was developed for companies that would like to centralise calibration of their monitors.

EIZO also offers ColorNavigator Network for colour management for the ColorEdge CG319X and the ability to select other ColorEdge monitors in a network. This secure cloud tool allows administrators to ensure image quality on monitors that have ColorNavigator NX installed on their clients.

ColorNavigator Network and ColorNavigator NX can be used to automatically calibrate the managed monitors – within an office as well as across various locations. This solution drastically reduces annual maintenance work and ensures the colour accuracy of all ColorEdge CG monitors.


  1. 3D look-up-table (LUT)
  2. 10-bit display (over a billion colours simultaneously) based on a 24-bit look-up-table
  3. Two DisplayPort 1.2s and two HDMI 2.0 ports
  4. Monitor hood to minimise the reflection of ambient light
  5. Five-year warranty with on-site exchange service plus a colour and brightness warranty for up to 10000 hours


The monitor will be available from August 2018.