In-house development and production

EIZO Corporation, Japan

IZO sees itself as a driver of innovation and quality leader when it comes to monitor technology. This claim is based on the in-house research and development centre in Japan. Here, over 600 engineers design and develop new monitor solutions and optimise existing solutions. For our approach is 100% in-house development and production. The entire development and production process is therefore subject to our checks and lies entirely in our own hands.

In this way, we ensure our edge when it comes to quality and technology. An edge confirmed by numerous tests by independent specialist media. EIZO monitors regularly take the top spot.

In the areas in which we work with suppliers, we place the emphasis on complete independence. We are not obliged to use any supplier – we choose the one that supplies the best piece for our monitors.

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The "Making of" a FlexScan monitor

What’s in the box? In this article, we take you on a step-by-step tour of how our FlexScan EV-Series monitors are made – from assembly to packaging – at our global headquarters in Hakusan, Japan.

Take a look behind the scenes of the monitor production at EIZO.
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Clean Area

A dust-proof clean area with air filtration and circulation allows for production of touch screens and medical products with protection glass.

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Printed Circuit Boards

The PCB is the cornerstone of a monitor. We design and manufacture our own PCBs to ensure quality control through the thorough pursuit of safety and reliability.

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Quality Control

We have our own anechoic chambers to confirm that our products comply with international regulations covering electromagnetic interference (EMI) and susceptibility. We also conduct long-life resting where our monitors are kept powered on for thousands of hours and their image quality is checked regularly.

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We offer extensive customization for select monitors to meet the diverse requirements of various markets including mission-critical fields such as maritime and air traffic control.

Development and production in Europe

In Europe, EIZO monitors are developed and produced at two German locations. These are primarily specialised solutions for the medical technology market, air traffic control, the shipping industry, and industrial applications.

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It is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end monitor solutions for applications in medical imaging with over 50 years of experience in this market segment.

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EIZO Technologies GmbH, Geretsried

EIZO Technologies GmbH has 40 years of experience in developing monitor and display solutions for the fields of industry, medicine, automotive, and air traffic control.

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