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Using a monitor as a docking station – the way we work today.

We want you to be able to concentrate fully on your projects and give your all each and every day in the future, too. That’s why we’ve developed cutting-edge solutions that make it easier for you to do just that. The outstanding connectivity – not to mention the countless clean desk options it enables – of EIZO FlexScan monitors makes every workstation tidier, more flexible and more reliable.

Whether you’re talking about docking functionalities, multi-screen solutions, Thin Client mounts or practical cable routing, they all help to ensure that there is nothing on your desk that isn’t truly needed. All to improve efficiency and enable a modern way of working. Or in other words: to enable more Working with the Best.

Unparalleled connectivity – thanks to USB-C

Being able to set up your workstation quickly and easily takes on greater importance in times of mobile working and desk sharing in particular. This is exactly what USB-C makes possible. Forget about annoying docking stations, your EIZO monitor is everything you need to set up your workstation of the future – all while keeping your desk tidy.

Graphic and audio signal

You can easily connect your laptop or desktop computer to your monitor thanks to the USB-C port – the USB-C cable transmits the graphic and audio signal. The simplicity of connecting your laptop to the monitor in particular makes it easy to reap the considerable benefits that a desktop monitor offers compared to a laptop display. Improved ergonomics (such as sitting posture) is just one of these benefits. This means that one cable is the only thing you need to access all the benefits of modern working – and there are quite a few of them.

usb c cable dcf
laptop is charged via usb c 128

Charging function

The monitor reliably charges small computers and laptops with a 70-W power supply via USB-C. This creates more space on your desk as you no longer need an additional power supply for your computer. So forget the irritation of taking your laptop charging cable wherever you go – USB-C means greater freedom and flexibility.

Docking function 

Thanks to multiple USB downstream ports and the USB-C upstream port, you can connect any and all peripheral devices such as webcams, mice and keyboards or memory card readers to the monitor directly. All peripheral devices are available as soon as the laptop is connected to the monitor via USB-C. In short, you can work in more locations than ever before thanks to our docking functions. What’s more is that it’s incredibly simple to connect the peripherals to the monitor as all of the ports are located on the side of the housing, making them easily accessible.

usb peripheral devices 9d0
lan port 406

LAN port

Some EIZO office monitors have an integrated LAN port. This allows you to access the entire network infrastructure (Internet access, network printers, network servers and so on). All you need to do is connect your network cable to the monitor, and your laptop/PC is then connected to the network signal supplied via USB-C. This is particularly advantageous for laptops that no longer have a LAN port. This ensures a fast and stable data transfer, which is required for services such as video conferences.

You won’t find a better variety of ports

Whatever you wish to connect, with EIZO you enjoy full flexibility. Because Working with the Best always means being optimally equipped for everything.

Graphic signal ports

As well as USB-C, EIZO monitors also offer other signal ports. These include HDMI and DisplayPort inputs to transmit graphic and audio signals. Some models also have older ports such as DVI-D and DSub to enable operation on established installations.

Docking without USB-C

The monitor can be used as docking station even without USB-C. All that is needed – in addition to the graphics signal connection – is the USB upstream port on the monitor to be connected to the laptop via a second cable. This means peripheral devices connected to the USB ports on the monitor can also be used (and charged).

Multi-screen solutions, fewer cables

Connect multiple monitors without cumbersome and excessive cabling thanks to daisy chaining: multiple monitors can be easily daisy chained via DisplayPort or USB-C (depending on the model). That means only one monitor needs to be connected to the computer, while the rest are then connected to one another, significantly reducing the number of cables trailing out of the PC.

Focussed work. Zero interruptions

The ultra-slim design of our monitors allows for a multi-screen operation with virtually no transition, and no wide bezels to disrupt your workflow, providing you with the best conditions for multi-tasking or running applications in parallel.

eizo monitors with a nearly frameless design for multi screen operation 85b

Double control, double comfort

It has never been easier to use two PCs at the same time. Experience total control and comfort – not to mention an incredible amount of space and tidiness – at your desk like never before thanks to KVM switch and picture-by-picture mode.

KVM switch – two PCs, one control

Some of our monitors have two USB upstream ports as well as an integrated KVM (keyboard video mouse) switch and can be used as a keyboard/mouse switch. This means that you can use two computers with just one keyboard and one mouse, allowing you to use both your personal computer and your company computer while working from home, for example.

All the advantages of the KVM switch at a glance:

  • Fewer peripheral devices (mouse/keyboard) required
  • Easy to switch between signal sources
  • Tidier
  • Improved ergonomics
eizo monitors with kvm switch 22e 1


Our Picture-by-Picture mode allows you to display the image signals from two PCs on the same monitor at the same time without any issue. That’s because Picture-by-Picture mode enables you to display different signal sources on one screen. You can also choose which signal is displayed on the right-hand side of the screen and which is displayed on the left-hand side.

If, as far as you’re concerned, there’s no such thing as too tidy...

…and you want to save even more space, you might like our compact Thin Client mount, which can be attached directly to the monitor. It finally makes long expanses of cables and workstation chaos a thing of the past.

a thin client mount attached to an eizo monitor d1a
area of application office 5f1


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