Hybrid Working with Eizo

Attiva SpA switches to hybrid working with EIZO monitors

In the last two years, the working world has changed a lot and is moving more and more towards flexible working with frequent changes between office and home office. Attiva SpA has chosen EIZO monitors for both the home office and the office. In doing so, Italy’s leading distributor of consumer electronics is providing its employees with high-quality and reliable devices, thereby underlining the importance the company attaches to “digital wellness”.

The need for change

With the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, the question arose as to how and in what ways it will affect our daily lives and working environment.

One thing is certain, as a result of the pandemic, location-independent working has increased and even become a necessity.

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At Attiva SpA, the majority of employees used a desktop PC with an integrated monitor. A solution that was no longer sustainable due to the spread of the pandemic. The need to work from home meant that each employee had to transport their desktop PC from their workplace to their home – and vice versa – with all the inconvenience it entailed. For this reason, a flexible and hybrid way of working between the two environments had become a basic requirement in order to respond appropriately to the situation.

The first step was therefore to equip all employees with new laptops so that they can work from home. But in doing so, the following questions arose: How can the work ergonomics, comfort and health of the individual employees be protected? How can employees be guaranteed high productivity? The answer: by completely renewing the company’s fleet of monitors, both for the office and the home office.

With a total of 70 devices, Attiva SpA provided each employee with two monitors: the first one permanently for the office in the company, and the second one for the home office.

"The idea of abandoning the classic desktop solution in favour of a hybrid solution initially gave us headaches, even though it was a decision forced by the need to introduce teleworking. The questions were: Will our staff be able to work in an equally comfortable and productive environment? Will the quality of work be compromised? These questions were quickly answered when the first EIZO monitors were delivered. Everyone was very happy with the solution and found the EIZO 24-inch external monitor to be an excellent ally for the daily tasks."

Ruggero Boraso, Chief Operating Officer Attiva SpA, explains:

A hybrid solution

The choice for the new monitors fell on the EIZO 24-inch FlexScan EV2451.

With its extremely narrow frame and compact design, this monitor fits perfectly into any work environment and meets the company’s requirements.

With the Auto EcoView function, the monitor constantly detects the lighting conditions in the environment and adjusts the screen brightness so the eyes do not tire so quickly. Thanks to the hybrid technology developed by EIZO to control the backlight, the result is a flicker-free and glare-free viewing experience that is also easy on employees’ eyes.

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EIZO FlexScan EV2451 - the perfect choice

After a year of use, multiple benefits become apparent.

The employees are able to work appropriately in any environment and have professional equipment that corresponds to that in the office. An important role was played by the EIZO FlexScan EV2451 guaranteed excellent working ergonomics for both office and home office, while protecting the health of the employees. Other technical advantages that employees appreciate include a variety of USB ports, the ability to read documents in Paper View mode, height adjustability and energy savings. Thanks to the automatic brightness adjustment, the EV2451 saves up to 50 % power compared to a monitor permanently operated at full brightness – an important advantage especially for home workers.

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EV2451 | FlexScan

The extremely narrow bezel of the EV2451 immediately catches your eye. The side and the back of the monitor also have a slimline, delicate appearance. The compact design makes it perfect for a modern office environment.