Video Security Systems

VMS Integration

Integration in video management systems

Modern video security systems usually comprise of complex installations with diverse components and a wide range of functions. The video management system (VMS) is the central point for controlling and managing these tasks. Another important part of this infrastructure is, playback of camera images – whether centralized or decentralized.

EIZO’s cooperation with leading security and surveillance solution providers ensures technical compatibility and optimised functionality of the DuraVision IP decoding solutions with various VMS systems. This makes EIZO the ideal complement for IP video playback.

Types of integration

With some VMS systems, the integration of the IP decoding solutions is natively anchored, i.e. already a fixed component of the software. In contrast, the integration of other systems is enabled by a specially developed plug-in. The plug-in development is also carried out in cooperation between EIZO and the VMS providers in order to meet user-specific requirements.

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IP decoding solutions, for example, can be controlled and monitored directly from the VMS interface, streamlining the installation process and operation. This includes the registration of cameras, remote status checks and adjustments to the video layout and display. As an additional feature, video feeds of registered cameras can be conveniently dragged and dropped to the desired position. The layout is displayed accordingly even when EIZO’s PC less IP decoding solution is remotely located. Display settings and options can also be easily configured via VMS without having to access the monitor’s user interface separately.

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VMS partners

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Integration type and compatibility with EIZO models

Type of integration
VMS provider* Accellence TechnologiesGenetecMilestone SystemsPanasonic PKE SchilleSiemens
Native- - -
VMS provider* Accellence TechnologiesGenetecMilestone SystemsPanasonic PKE SchilleSiemens
FDF2711W-IP/DX0211 ■**-■**
FDF2304W-IP/FDF4627W-IP --

* Support for VMS versions may vary. Contact EIZO for more information
** EIZO Enterprise licence required

"Shifting to a more centralised VMS solution from Genetec and the EIZO monitors has meant that we no longer need as much equipment [...]. It makes things a lot more efficient."

Alan Baird, Senior Core Communications Engineer at Edmonton Transit Service

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