Safety solution for rail transport

Safety solution for rail traffic

Due to the continuing need for sustainable mobility solutions due to urbanisation trends and growing environmental awareness, rail transport is expected to grow.

Supporting railway staff to ensure trouble-free operation

Due to rising passenger numbers and increasing freight traffic, advanced, integrated solutions are needed to increase the efficiency of rail transport, ensure safety and reduce the burden on staff.

Monitoring large, busy areas efficiently on the one hand, and ensuring the safety of passengers and transported goods on the other, increases the need for effective real-time notifications.

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Rapid intervention in high-traffic environments

In busy underground stations and major transport hubs, the control room needs to keep an eye on several key areas simultaneously, for example ticketing areas, platforms or freight areas, in order to provide services and respond to potential problems. The large amount of image information tracked in these environments requires real-time advisory messages to better manage crowds and passenger flow, avoid dangerous situations and facilitate incident investigation.

EIZO's IP decoder solutions support flexible integration into security, life safety and access control systems with the Alert-to-Action function.

This means that the IP decoder monitor and the IP decoder box itself can serve as two-way communication devices and send alerts directly to personnel when certain events occur.
IP camera systems with video analytics can identify these events and be used, for example, to detect overcrowding, loitering, fare evasion and people moving in the wrong direction. This helps security staff identify areas where action is needed.

The IP decoder solutions can be programmed to automatically enlarge the image display as a warning, and display visual alerts such as a text message or a coloured frame. Service interruptions, especially during periods of high passenger traffic, are minimised and smooth operation is ensured.

Alert-to-Action can also be used to respond to video analytics that enables the detection of unattended luggage and suspicious objects or people. This allows security staff to respond to potentially threatening situations before they escalate or to provide targeted support to the police to ensure security.

Accident prevention through obstacle detection

Visual alarms about obstacles on tracks

People, animals and vehicles can obstruct train traffic on tracks or level crossings, which not only poses a danger to those involved but also disrupts rail operations. Efficient real-time alerts enable operators to ensure the safety of their passengers as well as the surrounding environment and wildlife. It also ensures the best possible service for passengers.

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Alert-to-Action can be used to alert operations centres to obstacles such as people, animals or vehicles located at switches, level crossings, tunnels or other high-risk areas.

When object detection reports an event to the EIZO IP decoder solution, it immediately displays a message or other visual cue on the screen using Alert-to-Action.

Object detection systems and alert-to-action can also be used to warn of fallen trees, rocks or other objects in the path of travel. This provides the opportunity to visually check the problem remotely before sending personnel to the scene, saving effort and resources in the event of a falsely triggered alarm.

Around-the-clock protection of railway property and facilities

Visibility in unoccupied areas

Rail infrastructure consists of a large network of operations offices, station terminals and platforms, maintenance facilities, storage areas and depots. Maintaining security, preventing intrusions and responding to incidents is of paramount importance. Keeping an eye on these key areas at all times is a challenge, especially with limited staff. Integrated visual systems help operators, maintenance and security teams ensure the safety of these sites.

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By integrating with the local access control system, EIZO's IP decoder solutions can take an active role in protecting facilities.

With the Alert-to-Action function, the monitor indicates when object detection reports that an unauthorised person is entering a restricted area such as train depots and cargo areas. For example, a surveillance camera can use motion detection to send an alert to the monitor that automatically changes the layout or displays a visual cue on the screen to notify staff immediately.

Solution: Alert-to-action

Customisable event response

EIZO’s IP decoding solutions’ web API supports custom integration with the local security systems and devices to allow communication with and response to alerts over the network. When an event occurs and an alert is sent from IP cameras, access control, hazard detection, VMS, or other systems, EIZO’s solution responds with a preassigned action, such as layout adjustment, message display, audio activation, camera adjustment, masking, and more. Implementing an intelligent visual communication system into the workflow is a step forward in alleviating some of the pressures caused by a fast-paced, information-heavy environment for nurses, security personnel, and other hospital staff – the ultimate goal of which is to ensure optimal patient care and maintain safe premises.

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