»EIZO is known as one of the industry leaders so, it is no surprise we would be looking to work with a team that is ahead of the technical curve.«

Amazon Fashion studios

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»I work with graphics monitors from EIZO, a hugely important partner in the world digital imagery.«

Underwater photographer Pietro Formis

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»It’s mad to see the colours that are now present in my photos.«

Photographer Ulla Lohmann about the CG2730 and CG319X

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»Colour is very important for me, so I have to be able to trust 100% that what I see on the screen is precise.«

ColorEdge Ambassador Magda Wasiczek

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»We only use the best equipment and for us, that includes monitors from EIZO«

CEO and photographer René Staud

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»For the first time, I feel like I can really do the subtle differences between individual colour nuances justice.«

Nature Photographer Stefan Christmann

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»We were really astonished with the dynamics that EIZO presents with the CG3145 PROMINENCE.«

Marc Versteeg, Managing Partner at Pirates´N Paradise

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»All of our employees are very satisfied with the EIZO monitors.«

Nils Brauckmann, IT-Purchasing and Procurement at trivago

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»We sought to create an environment where we could efficiently display a lot of information.«

Kenjiro Matsuo, Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.

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»It’s a great advantage, both in an offensive and a defensive position.«

Timo ‘TimoX’ Siep, FIFA runner-up (ESWC), VfL Wolfsburg

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»Operation is child’s play. [...] The EIZO Surgical Panel collects everything in a single display and manages it easily.«

Alexander Schmidt, hybrid OR technician at INCCI

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»The images are so brilliant and it's not too much detail, but all of the details that are necessary for picking up the cancer and making a diagnosis«

Dr. László Tabár, MD, FACR (Hon.)

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»Both of the IP decoding monitors feature excellent image displays. Alongside the excellent product quality, we also appreciate EIZO’s outstanding customer service.«

Mark Ameloot, ICT and technology within Sopraco

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»The FDF2304W-IP Decoder Monitor solution provides us with huge flexibility when displaying the various IP video images.«

Freizeitpark Walibi Holland, Netherlands

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»We consciously decided to opt for a product by EIZO. The DuraVision FDS1904T didn’t just impress us in terms of image quality [...].«

Platoon leader Ronny Mönck, Albert Wegener fireboat

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»Shifting to a more centralised VMS solution from Genetec and the EIZO monitors has meant that we no longer need as much equipment [...]. It makes things a lot more efficient.«

Alan Baird, Senior Core Communications Engineer at Edmonton Transit Service

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