How can I enable/disable the docking station functionality?

The docking features can be enabled and disabled. If the LAN or USB ports are not working even though the cable is correctly connected, these features are disabled. They can be easily turned on again in the Administration menu:

1. Turn the monitor off by pressing the power button on the front.
2. Press and hold both the button on the far left and the power button for several seconds.
3. The Administration menu should now appear with the corresponding options.

The features can be disabled to reduce power consumption when the monitor is not in use, particularly when it is in standby or turned off.

What causes color drift correction?

The color reproduction of LCD panels varies with the temperature.

Can I connect the monitor to professional video equipment with 4K support?

Information about 4K monitor compatibility with video devices.

How do I carry out an upgrade to RadiCS Version 5, including RadiCS data migration?

Both the installation wizard in RadiCS 5 and the corresponding functionality in RadiNET Pro enable an upgrade including data migration.

An important prerequisite for this is that the installed RadiCS 4 Version must be Version 4.6.1 or higher. For that reason, you should carry out an update beforehand for older RadiCS 4 installations.

What do you need to keep in mind regarding power supplied via USB-C?

Monitors and computers use a handshake to separately negotiate the power supply. The power supply is therefore protected against overloads and can be connected by the user without having to do anything but plug in the cable. We recommend using the USB-C cable supplied with the monitor since it supports 5A charging currents.

How do I migrate RadiCS 3 or 4 to a new computer or a new drive?

If you are familiar with Windows and have the necessary administrative rights you can use normal Windows functionalities for the migration.

What is the ideal environment for processing digital photos on the screen?

Our little guidebook, ‘EIZO's Guide to a Further Enjoyment of Digital Photography,’ contains the answer to this question and a brief overview of the topic in a comic-book format.

Where can I find a Windows driver for my graphics board for RadiForce monitors? Will my graphics board be supported by Windows 10?

Here you can find Windows drivers for your graphics card as well as a list of which EIZO recommended graphics cards support Windows 10:

What kind of panel technologies does EIZO use, and what are the differences between them?

EIZO uses the following panel technologies: PVA, IPS, TN.

Older EIZO models

Information on older EIZO models is available on the EIZO Global website.

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