What does HDCP mean?

Digital signal encryption system as copy protection for digital contents, for example for videos, music, etc. The transmission of digital contents is protected as the contents are encrypted on the transmitter's side, sent via a DVI output and once again decrypted on the recipient's side. Digital contents may not be reproduced if both the transmitter and recipient device do not support HDCP.

How can I use the KVM switch?

The integrated KVM switch allows you to connect up to three computers simultaneously to the monitor. You can use it to switch between devices that are currently plugged into the USB ports on your monitor (for example, a keyboard or mouse).

To do so, please proceed as follows:
• Connect a computer via the USB-C port (labelled as video input) on the back of the monitor.
• Connect the second (and third, if applicable) computer to an HDMI input or DisplayPort and to the USB-B port on the back of the monitor.
• Peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard can be connected via the USB downstream ports located on the side of the monitor.

When the KVM functionality is enabled, the monitor automatically switches the controls to the active video input. Peripherals are connected to the USB-C device via a USB-C cable. Peripherals are connected to the HDMI/DisplayPort devices via the USB-B port.

Are EIZO RadiForce LCD monitors safe for use in close proximity to the patient?

EIZO RadiForce monitors that can be used in close proximity to the patient fulfill the requirements of EN60601-1 or the CE-Medical Device Directive. The product data sheet describes whether a RadiForce model provides this level of electrical safety.

What is the allocation of body regions / methods in accordance with DIN 6868-157 to RadiCS application classes and what are the minimum requirements for an image display device?

In accordance with DIN 6868-157, different minimum requirements are placed on image display devices depending on the body region / method. The EIZO RadiCS quality assurance software is divided into classes I to VIII. The following table shows a classification of the classes and minimum requirements in this regard.

Note: An acceptance test is necessary for each image display system for an evaluation in accordance with DIN 6868-157.

What does the DIN 6868-157 standard govern?

DIN V 6868-157. This DIN governs the acceptance test and constancy test for image display systems in radiography in order to ensure the necessary image quality.

How does the EIZO on-site replacement service work?

The EIZO on-site replacement service is performed by our service partner UNISERV GmbH. Please use the contact form: https://www.eizo.be/support-service/repair-service/. If you need to replace your device, an equivalent replacement device will be ready for you within one working day. A driver will come to you and deliver the replacement device to your incoming goods area or reception. He will take the defective device with him.

What degree of color matching is possible between the printer, monitor, and image processing software?

Our little guidebook, ‘EIZO's Guide to a Further Enjoyment of Digital Photography,’ contains the answer to this question and a brief overview of the topic in a comic-book format.

Are FORIS LCD monitors compatible with Playstation and Xbox?

Yes. When using an Xbox you should check that the monitor is set to 60 Hz (see Xbox manual).

Which values do I need to set in ColorNavigator to achieve the optimal results?

To achieve optimal results, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the color management topic,

How do I dispose of my old monitor in an environmentally friendly manner?

Since the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) entered into force on March 24, 2006, old electrical equipment can no longer be disposed of with the normal waste. It must be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and recycled. This also applies to old EIZO devices.

If you are a private end consumer, you should simply take your old monitor to a local collection center. You will not be charged for this. You can find out where your nearest collection center is from your local authority.

If you are a business customer, simply contact us.

Older EIZO models

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