If required, the RX370's Hybrid Gamma function automatically selects the luminance characteristic that matches the image. For example, monochrome X-ray images are displayed with DICOM® greyscale characteristics, while the luminance of other images follows a gamma function. This makes it ideal for the accurate reproduction of PACS images from projection radiography as well as colour images or combined colour and greyscale images.

One of the new work-and-flow functions of the RX370 is the Instant Backlight Booster. This temporarily adjusts the brightness of the monitor up to approx. 1100 cd/m2 in order to recognise and highlight any greyscale differentiation within an image. The brightness automatically returns to the original setting after a short time, so  the screen can continue to be used under typical diagnostic conditions.

The RX370's design and technology offer both ergonomic comfort and unparalleled image precision for use in modern radiology. The packaging materials used for the RX370 is exemplary. Instead of polystyrene which previous models have used, a padding made of moulded cellulose is within each RX370 box. This is made from recycled cardboard and paper, all helping to reduce EIZO’s ecological footprint.

The features at a glance:

  1. Compact and comfortable 3-megapixel colour screen for radiology reporting
  2. Clear recognition of structures through high contrast and blur reduction
  3. Palette with 543 billion shades for precise colour reproduction with up to 10 bit
  4. Hybrid Gamma PXL function for pixel-precise display of greyscale and colour images with the required luminance characteristic curve
  5. Homogeneous display surface due to automatic control of luminance distribution (DUE)
  6. Prepared for calibration, acceptance and constancy testing according to DIN 6868-157 and QS-RL
  7. Effortless quality assurance and built-in calibration sensor
  8. Light sensor for measuring the ambient light at the diagnostic station
  9. Ergonomic design with fresh, clean aesthetics as well as compact dimensions and narrow housing frames

As with all RadiForce models, EIZO offers a five-year, onsite warranty for the RX370. This means maximum investment security and a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Every RX370 is produced in a socially responsible manner, with all suppliers along the supply chain carefully selected and to adhere to all EIZO guidelines.

The RX370 is manufactured at EIZO’s own factory in accordance with an ISO 14001-certified environmental management system. This includes measures to reduce waste, waste water and emissions, resource and energy consumption, and the promotion of environmentally conscious behaviour among employees.

For more than a decade, EIZO has publicly reported on its activities in the area of social responsibility and the environment in an annual CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report.


The EIZO RadiForce RX370 is expected to be available in the UK from January 2022.

Recommended accessories:

  1. Quality assurance software: EIZO RadiCS and EIZO RadiNET Pro
  2. Comfort lighting: RadiLight
  3. Recommended graphics card: EIZO MED-XN72
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RadiForce RX370

RadiForce RX370

New 3-megapixel colour monitor for radiology reporting - ideal for accurate display of both monochrome and colour images.

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