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The ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 is the world’s first true HDR reference monitor to feature a built-in calibration sensor. Joachim Zell, Chair of the HPA Engineering Excellence Award Committee expressed his congratulations: “As Chair of the HPA Engineering Excellence Award Committee, I didn’t vote in 2020 myself, but as an imaging expert and workflow designer, it goes without saying that I took the time to have a close look at the EIZO monitor and put it through its paces on a number of occasions. The gamut and the precision of the tone curve are incredible right out of the box. The self-calibration when switching between different gamuts or during recalibration ensured that the measurements I took with a $20,000 measuring sensor were always within the timer thresholds I wanted. But regardless of my personal findings – which I didn’t share with the HPA Award jury, of course – I’m delighted that EIZO was also able to convince our professional jury of experts and win the HPA Engineering Excellence Award 2020.”

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