The DuraVision FDS1703-A is the successor to the FDS1703. In contrast to its predecessor, this new model is equipped with a HDMI port and is therefore capable of receiving signals from digital sources like HDD recorders. Not only that, but the monitor provides a composite input (BCN port) that allows analogue camera signals in video security systems (CCTV systems) to be connected. The monitor supports NTSC, PAL and SECAM signals and is therefore compatible with a wide range of surveillance equipment.

The DuraVision FDS1703-A is able to receive a Full-HD signal (1920 × 1080) via HDMI and reproduce in its native resolution of 1280 × 1024. Thanks to a variety of calibration options for analogue and digital signals, users can adjust the image reproduction to the monitor and stretch images or expand them with a consistent aspect ratio.

The monitor features underscan and overscan display functionalities. 100% of an image is displayed with the underscan function, making it perfect for video signals. About 95% of an image is shown with the overscan function and unneccessary video data that is sometimes located on the edge of an image is eliminated.
Colours can sometimes look washed out when viewed from below on conventional LCD monitors. The DuraVision FDS1703-A has an UpView functionality that reduces this washout effect to a minimum and enables sharp image reproduction. This makes it ideal for environments in which the monitor is mounted above eye level.

An integrated three-dimensional Y/C isolating circuit separates the brightness signal from the colour information so that flickering colours and noises – which tend to occur for analogue signals in particular – are reliably reduced.

Other features

  1. Integrated 0.5 W + 0.5 W stereo speakers
  2. 24/7 operation with two year guarantee


The DuraVision FDS1703-A is available now.

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