DuraVision EVS1VX/EVS1VS

The visual evaluation of image recordings or live recordings is often critical. whether it is for crime prevention, monitoring and control of infrastructure, detection of product defects, scientific image analysis or numerous other scenarios. However, footage may not be clearly visible due to uncontrollable circumstances. This increases the risk of wrong decisions and inefficient evaluation.

The DuraVision EVS1VX and EVS1VS systems are installed via HDMI between the signal source – for example, the camera or recorder - and the monitor or analysis unit, to optimise incoming video content. This simplifies the visual differentiation of image details and facilitates image analysis in AI-supported systems.

EVS1VX and EVS1VS are based on EIZO's Visibility Optimizer, which analyses and adjusts the image pixel by pixel in real time without changing the source data. Areas that are difficult to see due to low light, atmospheric haze or other environmental conditions are detected and the brightness of each pixel is adjusted to increase the recognisability of the scene. This is useful not only for night or fog visibility, but also for detecting surface irregularities, such as cracks in concrete, tracks, pipes or asphalt.

Without Visibility Optimizer
Without Visibility Optimizer
With Visibility Optimizer
With Visibility Optimizer

The EVS1VS uses 2D noise reduction to filter out unnatural block artifacts in images. The EVS1VX combines both 2D and 3D noise reduction functions to improve the clarity of contours and facilitates differentiation in videos, especially in night shots. The 3D noise reduction works particularly well for static scenes, while the 2D noise reduction is optimal for motion or scene changes. This is especially useful when looking at almost colourless images, the EVS1VX is better able to  display colours with small differences in brightness.

Compared to the EVS1VS, the EVS1VX offers more extensive control of image enhancement and allows parameters to be adjusted more effectively to the scene being displayed. In addition, image enhancement can be partially applied to sections of the image to focus on areas of interest.

With the EVS1VX, still images of optimised scenes can be captured and saved directly to USB media. The still images have the image enhancements set so they can be used for a second review or for documentation purposes. This is useful in tracking conditions of infrastructure such as roads and piers, quality assurance in product manufacturing and in law enforcement investigations.

The EVS1VX can register up to 10 display modes, including custom modes that can be tailored to specific display environments and situations.

Additional features

  1. 2 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI output
  2. Ethernet, USB Type B and 2 USB Type A ports (EVS1VX); Ethernet and USB Type B ports (EVS1VS)
  3. Compatible with numerical keypad
  4. 2 years manufacturer's warranty, 24/7 suitable


DuraVision EVS1VX and EVS1VS are available immediately.

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