Planning and implementing a state-of-the-art operating theatre requires a combination of synergistically integrated skills and technology for the development of an ad-hoc project. More specifically, this is true “construction” technology, from room cladding compliant with the strict health and safety regulations to the most complex air circulation, lighting, acoustic insulation and X-ray protection systems. This technology not only interacts with the management of a variety of video signal sources for monitor display, but also with the software required to synchronise the various workstation-based theatre processes. 

EIZO Italia and SHD Italia have therefore decided to work together to propose complete solutions which are pre-furnished in the planning stage with all the necessary components for displaying the diagnostic and/or surgery imaging often required in these environments.

“Given our various acquisitions and the launch of new product lines, EIZO is now able to offer its own products for a complete solution in managing video signals in operating theatres, embracing copper-wire and fibre-optic communications technology in a wide range of monitors, operating theatre workstations and management and control software tools”, explained Piergiuseppe Carboni, General Manager of EIZO Italia. “The partnership between EIZO and SHD Italia enables both companies to combine their know-how to provide an integrated solution that goes from the planning stages to the full implementation of an operating theatre.”

Riccardo Torre, CEO of SHD Italia: “We are delighted to have strengthened this co-operation with EIZO. When their products are integrated into our prefabricated systems, they undoubtedly provide added technological value for clients”.

SHD Italia

SHD Italia has been planning, manufacturing, marketing and installing prefabricated modular systems for operating theatres, intensive care departments, dialysis units and central sterile supply departments in Italy and overseas for over 30 years.

Specific free-standing prefabricated cladding systems ensure optimised and flexible use of hospital environments subject to controlled bacterial contamination. Quality, experience and know-how for new constructions and renovations in existing hospital and clinic departments.

The company’s design team helps clients make decisions regarding project specifications and management, offering their know-how at every step of the construction process.

SHD ITALIA constantly develops and improves its products towards the achievement of better, highly innovative and high-quality solutions. SHD ITALIA has been an ISO 9001-certified organisation since 2001.

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    Press release - A new partnership between EIZO Italia and SHD Italia for the control of Operating Theatres

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