RadiCS Version 5 provides an intuitive user interface for improved work efficiency and faster performance. Consistency testing now takes up to 44% less time. EIZO’s Work-and-Flow functionalities are more intuitive and faster to operate than ever before. Additional functionalities, such as automatic brightness adjustment, have also been added. The brightness of patient lists can be distracting when diagnostics images are being displayed. With the aid of automatic brightness adjustment, the monitor displaying patient data darkens when the cursor is removed from the screen. This makes it possible to look at diagnostic images without being distracted by the brightness level.

RadiNET Pro Version 5 also features a few new functionalities, including a setting for automatically applying group policies. This means that when new monitors are installed at a hospital, the group policies in place can be applied automatically and do not have to be defined for each individual new monitor.

RadiCS Accessories

The RadiCS software provides extensive validations and automatic adjustment to ensure constant and consistent image reproduction on all RadiForce screens.

RadiNET Pro
RadiNET Pro Accessories

EIZO software for network-based quality management in large facilities – with remote functionality for monitors