EIZO meets the HDR reference standard requirements in several categories

The IRT test report highlighted what EIZO’s latest LCD technology is able to achieve:

The HDR reference monitor was awarded class 1B in the categories of HLG and PQ transfer characteristics, colour temperature, black level and dynamic range.

EIZO is proud to have met the particularly strict requirements of the 1B class in the categories of black level and dynamic scope for LCD monitors, as well as the category of HLG and PQ transfer characteristics.

Class 1 for the SDR reference monitor in the categories of transfer function, colour temperature, black level and dynamic range, colour production and homogeneity.

Because HDR reference monitors are often used for grading SDR content these days, EIZO also had its SDR standard reviewed. The monitor was awarded class 1 in the following categories: transfer function, colour temperature, black level and dynamic range, colour production and homogeneity.

Dual-layer panel combines the benefits of OLED and LCD technology

With the ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145, EIZO manages to display extreme brightness levels between 1000 cd/m2 und 0.0005 cd/m2 on the basis of its dual-layer LCD panel, without using quality-impairing technologies such as ABL (‘Automatic Brightness Limiters’) from OLED panels or ‘local dimming’ used in some LCD panels. Consistently illuminated backlighting at 1000 cd/m2 makes it particularly complex to consistently maintain the brightness, white balance and hue curve.

The IRT comes to the following conclusion in the executive summary of the test report: "The monitor is able to display large image areas with high brightness levels (irrespective of the size and brightness) while also achieving very low black levels thanks to dual-layer LCD technology."

German Broadcast Technology Institute (IRT)

With 60 years of experience, the IRT is an internationally renowned research and innovation centre for broadcasting and media technology. It monitors, evaluates and develops new technologies in digital audiovisual media with the aim of strategically adapting broadcasting concepts towards new market conditions and requirements.

The German broadcasting companies ARD, ZDF, Deutschlandradio, ORF and SRG/SSR are its partners. In addition, the IRT works with a wide range of clients from the broadcasting, media and industrial sectors.