Colourclass Lofoten

Entire landscape photography workflow, from planning to the final printout

This six-part video series covers the entire landscape photography workflow. Special attention is paid to the topics of colour and colour management.

You can watch the video series at

Colourclass Lofoten

The contents of the individual episodes are as follows:

Episode 1:  Choosing our equipment and reaching our destination
Episode 2:  Location planning using apps
Episode 3:  The histogram and using graduated and ND filters
Episode 4:  Analysing the location – How to take an impressive photo of a stunning landscape
Episode 5:  Camera adjustment, monitor technology and adjustment
Episode 6:  Printer profiling, ICC profiles, paper and printer settings, printing

The Protagonists

‘Midnight sun’ on the Lofoten Islands

To create this video series, Christian Ohlig, a professional photographer and colour management expert at monitor manufacturer EIZO, and Serdar Ugurlu, a Lofoten expert, landscape photographer and mentor at PhotoTours4U, travelled to Norway’s Lofoten archipelago in the very north of Europe to capture the very special lighting there.

They were able to capture unique lighting situations in breath-taking locations. As a result, Colourclass Lofoten not only conveys a wealth of photo technology expertise, but also offers gorgeous imagery for those interested in the world’s natural wonders. Ohlig and Ugurlu were accompanied by a film crew from hunderteins

The Location

Breath-taking landscapes

You can witness the ‘midnight sun’ on the Lofoten Islands for several weeks each year due to their location, up to 300 km north of the Arctic Circle. That means magnificent, golden, slanted light for hours. Even after the sunset, the sun doesn’t disappear entirely; instead, it hovers just below the horizon, remaining visible during the night hours in the form of a golden/red/blue light. In other words, during this time of year, this location offers the perfect conditions for landscape photography and achieving spectacular colours.

The Equipment

Complete image processing workflow through to on-site printing

IA complete ‘digital dark room’ was created to demonstrate this workflow, from planning through to completed printout. To this end, EIZO ColorEdge monitors, a high-performance PixelStation by PixelComputer, the DIN A2 SC P800 printer from Epson and a range of premium fine art papers from ILFORD were transported to the north of Norway.

EIZO worked in close collaboration with many partners in the photography industry to make Colourclass Lofoten happen: We would like to take this opportunity to thank datacolor, EPSON, f-stop gear, Fujifilm, Gitzo, Haida, ILFORD and PixelComputer for their outstanding support.

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