EIZO Celebrates 50 Years of Visual Technology Excellence

EIZO 50th logoEIZO, which means image in Japanese, is a visual technology company that develops high-end display solutions. It originated as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of black and white TVs in rural Japan. In the 1980s, EIZO began developing and manufacturing monitors for enterprise customers and then expanded its product lineup for speciality markets. Today, EIZO imaging solutions are available in more than 80 countries and are widely used in healthcare facilities such as operating rooms and radiology reading rooms, photography and post production studios, air traffic control facilities, and trading rooms and control rooms.

For much of its history, EIZO has performed its own research and development, manufacturing, and quality control in house. When existing components were insufficient, EIZO designed its own semiconductors and developed its own software to complement its hardware, creating added value and a competitive advantage in the process. This corporate culture of self-reliance has allowed EIZO to distinguish itself by providing complete solutions while guaranteeing high quality and reliability.

“EIZO has grown from a small manufacturer to a renowned imaging specialist by developing, producing and selling the best visual display solutions in the world,” said Yoshitaka Jitsumori, president and CEO of EIZO. “In the years to come we will further expand our imaging expertise to continually meet our customers’ expectations and realise a prosperous future through the value of images as only EIZO can.”

To mark its 50th anniversary, EIZO will share new content with its followers on social media. Starting on April 4th, EIZO will post an episode or piece of trivia on its Facebook and LinkedIn pages in many countries and languages every Wednesday for the next 50 weeks*. The posts will cover a vast array of topics including the company’s origins, its subsequent evolution into a high-end monitor manufacturer, vintage products it has released over the years, and its current positon as a visual technology company.

*The 50th anniversary will be celebrated in the company’s fiscal year which begins in April and ends in March of the following year.

At this years’ Photography Show, leading manufacturer of high-end visual display products EIZO will be opening the doors to its colour surgery on stand B10. Between 17 – 20th March 2018 EIZO will be inviting photographers to bring their images to the colour surgery to let them ‘make them better’ with live ‘at stand’ demonstrations on market leading EIZO monitors.

As part of EIZO’s commitment to the creation of great images, they will be answering questions such as ‘what is uniformity and why does it matter to your printed image?’ And, ‘does your monitor understand your printer and vice versa?’ Using images that attendees bring to the #EIZOsurgerystand, the demonstrations will show image makers how they could make their images even better, richer, deeper, brighter and more accurate, with the use of an EIZO monitor.

On the lead up to the event EIZO will also be offering 20% off the price of a day ticket at www.eizocolour.com/tps2018.

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EIZO is the leading monitor manufacturer providing solutions for business enterprise, graphics, medical, operating rooms, industrial, gaming and air traffic control.

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