Global cooperation with the world’s leading creatives
The ColorEdge Ambassador programme entails global cooperation with the world’s leading creatives from various sectors who have firmly integrated the monitors of the ColorEdge series into their image processing workflows. The Ambassadors – photographers, retouchers, filmmakers, and printing service providers – pursue their work with a great deal of devotion and work closely together with EIZO to provide informative and inspiring contents for the international graphics industry.

Six new ColorEdge ambassadors
The latest members to join the EIZO ColorEdge Ambassador programme are six globally recognized creatives: the post-production specialists Azin Samarmand (United Arab Emirates) and Paolo Baccolo (Italy), landscape photographer and filmmaker Stefan Forster (Switzerland), architectural photographer Omar Al Zaabi (United Arab Emirates), and the wildlife photographers Ahmed Al-Kassim (Saudi Arabia) and Marsel van Oosten (Netherlands). Each Ambassador has his own profile on the official EIZO ColorEdge Ambassador website, which includes his résumé, a gallery of his work, and his feedback on working with ColorEdge monitors.

EIZO ColorEdge : Top-notch graphic monitors
The colour management monitors of the EIZO ColorEdge series are designed for professionals as well as newcomers to the creative industry. In order to achieve maximum colour accuracy, most of the monitors of the ColorEdge series are equipped with an integrated measurement sensor for self-calibration or selfcorrection, and support EIZO’s proprietary ColorNavigator 6 software.

EIZO: Simply uncompromising quality
‘EIZO’ is Japanese for ‘image’ and the name of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end monitor solutions. EIZO aims to produce the best possible monitors for each area of application. That is why EIZO monitors can be found wherever exceptional image quality is desired or absolutely necessary. This includes: back offices, hospitals, flight safety centres, design and photo studios, ship bridges, architecture firms, stock exchanges, and gaming tournaments.

In short: EIZO is the synonym for uncompromising quality and for products that achieve the highest levels of reliability, image quality, and ergonomics.