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Ultra-High Sensitivity HD Zoom Camera

The SSZ-9700 with its built-in optical zoom lens provides highly visible images in conditions that are dark or difficult to see in.


Ultra-High Sensitivity for Video Surveillance

The DuraVision SSZ-9700 is an ultra-high sensitivity video camera with a built-in 35x optical zoom lens. It is useful in a range of fields and applications where clear images are required, including low-lit environments, such as river ports, for natural disaster monitoring, law enforcement, and surveillance of locations of interest.

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DuraVision SSZ-9700 – Ultra-High Sensitivity HD Zoom Camera

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1. Ultra-High Sensitivity

Ultra-High Sensitivity for Video Surveillance

The DuraVision SSZ-9700 with its built-in optical zoom lens provides highly visible images in conditions that are dark or difficult to see in.

Color Imaging in Low-Lit Conditions

The DuraVision SSZ-9700 captures color images, even under extremely dim lighting conditions as low as 0.004 lx. This provides clearer imaging in dark environments or poor weather conditions compared to a standard video camera.

Below: Dam Water Level Surveillance Time: After Sunset / Weather: Cloudy

Below: Riverside Surveillance Time: After Sunset / Weather: Cloudy

Up to 350x Maximum Zoom Ratio

The built-in 35x optical zoom lens covers a focal length range of 6.5 to 230 mm and a 2.12 megapixel, 1/1.8 inch CMOS sensor. Combining 35x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom allows you to achieve a maximum zoom ratio of up to 350x (f=10,500 mm in 35 mm equivalent).

When using digital zoom, resolution is lowered.

Below: Building 4.6 km in the distance

img005 1 1

2. Visibility

Defog Function

The DuraVision SSZ-9700 camera includes two functions for lessening the impact that fog or haze has on the image. These allow operators to more easily identify objects and discern important visual information.

Optical Defog

The Optical Defog function increases visibility by capturing images in the infrared region so objects become more discernible to the human eye.

Images are displayed in monochrome when using Optical Defog.

Digital Defog

The Digital Defog function stretches the contrast using image signal processing to adjust the difference in brightness and color for improved clarity of faint images.

2D/3D Noise Reduction

The DuraVision SSZ-9700 camera is equipped with an HDR function for capturing and combining multiple exposures, resulting in clear images with a wider dynamic range.

HDR Function

The camera includes unique 2D/3D noise reduction for optimal SN ratio even at high gain settings.

3. Full Solution

The DuraVision EVS1VX is an image optimization system that analyzes and processes video footage in real time to improve visibility. The DuraVision SSZ-9700 used with the EVS1VX and FlexScan HDMI-equipped monitors provides a highly visible solution for security & surveillance.

EIZO also offers the SSC-9700 camera which comes without a lens so customers can attach a lens of their choice.

SSZ 9700 img010 1

4. Features

Equipped with one push auto focus and continuous focus
Low power consumption
Developed and manufactured in-house for long-term reliability

5. Flexible Installation

Complete Connection

The DuraVision SSZ-9700 is equipped with 3G-SDI and HDMI connections with simultaneous output. It is also equipped with an RS-485 communication interface for seamless integration into advanced surveillance systems.

Compact Size and Weight

With a compact size of 95 x 95 x 165 mm (H x W x D) and weighing just 1.5 kg, the SSZ-9700 can easily be installed into small form housing.

6. Name of Parts

SSZ 9700 img011 1

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Technical data

Lens Unit
Zoom Ratio35x (with digital zoom On: up to 350x)
Focal Length 6.5 - 230 mm
Angle of View (H x V) [16:9]Wide: 60.4° x 35.9°, Tele: 2.0° x 1.2°
Aperture Range F1.5 - F22
Optical FilterIR cut-off filter, Dummy filter, Defog filter
Zoom / Focus / Aperture Control Stepper motor
Focus Range5 m - ∞
Focus SystemAuto Focus, One Push Auto Focus, Manual
Camera Unit
Imaging Sensor Single Panel CMOS, RGB Bayer Array
Total Pixels (H x V) Approx. 2.27 million pixels 2016 x 1128
Effective Pixels (H x V)Approx. 2.12 million pixels 1936 x 1096
Pixel Size (H x V) 4.1 x 4.1 μm
Optical Size1/1.8 inch
Sensor Framerate 59.94 fps (29.97 fps when in HDR mode)
Scanning System Progressive
Minimum Illumination0.004 lx (F1.5 1/30 s, 50 IRE, +78 dB)
Horizontal Resolution900 TV lines or more
SN Ratio50 dB or above (γ=1, Contour Correction OFF, DNR OFF)
Exposure ModeFull Auto, Shut. Prio., Gain Prio., Iris Prio., Manual
GainManual: 0 - 78 dB (0.3 dB step)
Electronic Shutter 60 Hz system: 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/100, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/4000, 1/10000 s
50 Hz system: 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/25, 1/50, 1/60, 1/100, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/4000, 1/10000 s
IrisF1.5 - F22
ALC Adjustment Level adjustment, Limits adjustment
Backlight Correction On, Off, Spot
Gamma Correction0.35 - 0.55 (0.01 step) / 1.0
DNROff, Low, High
White Balance ATW1, ATW2, AWC, Manual
HDR ModeOff, HDR, Auto Knee, Auto Black Stretch
DefogOptical Defog: Off, On
Digital Defog: Off, Low, Mid, High
Color MatrixR, G, B, Ye, Cy, Mg 6-axis adjustment
Image Quality Adjustment (Others) Detail, Chroma, Black Level
Digital Zoom1 - 10x (in tandem with optical zoom, Off / Max. x4 / Max. x10)
Image Reversal Mirror, Flip, Mirror Flip
Privacy Mask8 masks Gray, White, Black
Test PatternColor Bar, Grayscale, Built-in Cross Line
Image Output TerminalHDMI, BNC (3G-SDI)
Serial Port RS-485
Power SupplyDC 12 V ±10 % (Ripple 50 mVp-p or less)
Power Consumption 11 W
Operating Temperature / Humidity Range-10 - 50°C / 10 - 90%
Storage Temperature / Humidity Range-10 - 60°C / 10 - 90%
Dimensions (W x H x D)95 x 95 x 165 mm
Weight1.5 kg
Supplied Accessories User Manual
Warranty 2 Years (24-hour use)
Dimension Drawing PDF




Environmentally and socially conscious production

EIZO uses the DuraVision monitors to showcase how image and product quality go hand in hand with responsible planning, material procurement and production. This intrinsic value enables you to make a safe investment in a modern and reliable monitor.

Socially responsible production

The DuraVision monitors are produced in a socially responsible way. It is free of child labour and forced labour. Suppliers along the supply chain have been carefully selected and they have also committed themselves to produce in a socially responsible way. This applies in particular to conflict minerals. We present a detailed report about our social responsibility annually and voluntarily.

To learn more about responsible corporate behaviour at EIZO, please click here

Environmentally and climate friendly

Each DuraVision monitor is manufactured in our own factory, which implements an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001. This includes measures to reduce waste, wastewater and emissions, resource and energy consumption, as well as to encourage environmentally conscious behaviour among employees. We publicly report on these measures on an annual basis as a main component of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report.

Sustainable and durable

The DuraVision monitors are designed for a long service life that takes into account the entire lifecycle and impact on the environment. It is generally well above the five-year guarantee. Spare parts are available up to five years after the end of production.

The monitor’s long service life and the ability to repair it save resources and the climate. When designing the DuraVision we paid attention to reducing resource consumption by using high-quality components and materials and being meticulous in production.

The packaging of the DuraVision consists of cardboard box made of 85% recycled paper, while the transport padding is even 100% recycled material.


Thanks to continuous research and development of high-quality components and technologies, EIZO produces monitor solutions that are strong when it comes to quality and absolute reliability.

24-Hour Use, 2-Year warranty

The monitor is built for 24-hour use and are backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty for long-term reliability.

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