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Client mount

Thin Client Mount for the EIZO FlexStand 3R stand.


VESA-compliant bracket for easily mounting a client terminal.

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1. For the Office

Free Up Your Workspace with a Stand Bracket

The PCSK-03 / PCSK-03R is a VESA-compliant bracket for easily mounting a client terminal such as a thin client or mini PC to the back of the monitor’s stand. The space the client terminal previously occupied is now freed up so you can make better use of your desktop. Even with the client terminal attached you can adjust the monitor’s stand freely.

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Match Accessories from Front to Back

The PCSK-03 / PCSK-03R is available in both black and white for an all-around coordinated look between the monitor’s cabinet, bracket, and cables.

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Safe to Use with Various Client Terminals

The bracket has been tested with several companies’ client terminals. When installed correctly, the bracket does not interfere with the balance of the monitor so that even a heavy client terminal will not cause your monitor to overbalance.

2. For Security & Surveillance

Clean Workspace for Security Environments

The DuraVision DX0211-IP is an IP decoding solution for security & surveillance environments that maintains multiple video feeds from connected IP cameras. It can attach directly to the monitor stand using the PCSK-03 or PCSK-03R bracket for a cleaner workspace in security & surveillance environments.

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3. Assembly information

  • The bottom portion of the mount is screwed into the stand
  • The upper portion of the mount is placed and secured onto the lower portion with the pre-installed Thin Client
  • Thin Clients are ideal as they can be screwed into the upper portion of the mount using the existing VESA holes
  • When using a Thin Client mount, please ensure that it does not exceed the maximum weight limit* of 1.5 kg, including the cable

*) Depending on the centre of gravity of the client with the cable, the solution can also remain secure at a higher weight. We would be happy to provide information about this.

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Technical data


Cabinet ColorBlack, White
Compatible Monitor
Hole Spacing (VESA Standard)100 x 100 mm, 75 x 75 mm
Weight500 g
Dimension DrawingPDF

+Supported Monitors

Security & SurveillanceDX0211-IP

+Validation Results

ManufacturerModel NamePCSK-03PCSK-03R
Client Terminal
DellWyse 3010TC (Formerly: T10)YesYes
Wyse 5010TC (Formerly: D10D / D10DP) YesYes
Wyse 5020 Yes(Not evaluated)
Wyse 5030PCoIP (Formerly: P25) YesYes
HPt310 Zero ClientYesYes
t310 G2 Zero Client YesYes
t520 Thin Client YesYes
t530 Thin Client YesYes
Desktop PC
HPEliteDesk 800 G3 DM YesYes
EPSONEndeavor ST180E YesYes
HPElite Slice YesYes
GIGABYTEGB-BKi7HT-7500/GB-BKi7HT2-7500 YesYes
Mini Workstation
HPZ2 Mini G4 WorkstationEvaluation Details YesYes
Z2 Mini G3 Workstation YesYes
LenovoThinkStation P320 Tiny YesYes
IP Decoding Box
EIZODuraVision DX0211-IP YesYes
Image Optimization System
EIZODuraVision EVS1VX YesYes
DuraVision EVS1VSYesYes



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