Integrated sensor technology from EIZO - award-winning and ultra-precise

You expect nothing less than absolute precision and reliability over the entire service life of a ColorEdge monitor. To ensurethis demand is met with the least possible effort over the long term, the monitors in the ColorEdge CG series have an integrated sensor for regular recalibration.

Maximum precision with minimum effort

No matter how perfectly a monitor was calibrated at the factory – it still needs to be recalibrated at regular intervals. This must be done to correct the unavoidable ageing processes of the panel,and to calibrate individual targets suitable for the application andlighting conditions at the workplace.

calibration f9a

An external attachment sensor is usually used for this purpose, which always involves extra effort. The user must remember to recalibrate and take the time to interrupt their actual work and perform the calibration process. With a built-in calibration sensor, this process can be automated and moved to a time when the monitor is not in use.

So with CG Series ColorEdge monitors, you can arrange for the monitor to recalibrate itself periodically (e.g. at night) when you’re not using it. This means you can always be sure you are working with a consistently accurate monitor.

The advantages of CG Series monitors with their built-in calibration sensors are even greater in companies with numerous monitors: In combination with ColorNavigator and the cloud solution ColorNavigator Network, EIZO offers a complete colour management solution whichmakes it possible to realise complete quality assurance including regular recalibration, the distribution of calibration targets and the control of numerous monitor functions centrally and across locations.

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Automation of recalibration for maximum convenience

Even if a ColorEdge monitor is delivered perfectly adjusted and calibrated, regular recalibration is necessary. The built-in calibration sensor can be used to automate this recalibration. As a user, you can schedule thisvital procedure for times when the monitor is not in use. The monitor menu or the ColorNavigator can be used to determine when the monitor should calibrate itself. This can be done either at fixed intervals or depending on the time of use. Of course, this calibration does not interrupt the user’s work, but only takes place the next time the monitor is put to sleep.

Highly sensitive integrated calibration sensor

The built-in sensor is integrated inconspicuously and dust-protected in the edge of the monitor. Thanks to DUE technology, a homogeneous image display is guaranteed, which means it does not matter where the measuring sensor is located on the monitor. Each built-in sensor is calibrated and precisely adjusted at the factory with a high-precision reference spectrophotometer. The high-precision mechanics ensure there is only an extremely small distance between the measurement sensor and the monitor panel over the entire service life of the monitor, so ambient light does not affect the measurement.

calibration c71

EIZO factory calibration is a prerequisite for fast and precise recalibration

Every EIZO ColorEdge is precisely calibrated and adjusted to the correct values at the factory. A highly sensitive professional spectrophotometer is used for this purpose. The gamma values of the primary colours red, green and blue in the brightness levels 0 to 255 are also measured and perfectly adjusted. As a result, the perfect combination is always selected from the billions of possibilities offered by the monitor’s 16- or 24-bit LUT (Look-Up-Table) to achieve perfect colour gradations every time. So the monitor is delivered perfectly factory calibrated. This is also the reason why EIZO recalibration is so fast. Since only the ageing process of the panel needs to be tracked during recalibration, it is sufficient to check certain support points and take their changes into account if necessary. Meaning, a time-consuming measurement of countless colour patches is not needed.

DUE guarantees homogeneity

LCD monitors often have uneven brightness distribution and inconsistent colour purity across the monitor surface. These individual inaccuracies must be removed from a graphics monitor. To do this, EIZO measures each individual panel at the factory at numerous measuring points and corrects any colour and brightness deviations with its patented DUE technology (Digital Unifomity Equalizer). It is only this complex procedure which makes the use of an integrated sensor possible at all. Because only if the colour and brightness values at the edge correspond precisely to those on the rest of the display surface is a measurement at the edge also meaningful for the entire monitor.

Correlation with external sensors

Many post-production, VFX and television studios specify a particular spectrophotometer as the master sensor for their internal colour management. To avoid missing out on the advantages of the integrated sensor, it is possible to correlate the built-in sensor with an external master sensor. In this way, the built-in sensor adopts the measurement characteristics of the master sensor and retains its specific properties. A consistent workflow with monitors without a built-in sensor is thus guaranteed.

Integrated sensor even with HDR reference monitor CG3146

HDR content is becoming increasingly popular in the film industry. Extreme contrasts of up to 1,000,000:1 and brightness values of up to 1,000 cd/m² pose great challenges not only for the panel technology but also for the measurement sensor technology. Nevertheless, EIZO has succeeded in developing an integrated calibration sensor for the ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 that meets the requirements of HDR applications.

coloredge prominence cg3146 efe

Central quality control and distribution of calibration targets

While the built-in calibration sensor already means a great increase in comfort for the individual user with corresponding time savings, these time savings are multiplied accordingly in large usage scenarios. In large studios, agencies or publishing houses, people often work on joint projects across locations or even countries. This quickly brings together numerous workstations, on which the same files must naturally look the same. To achieve this, all monitors must be set to the same calibration targets and recalibrated regularly. The room for error is large and the calibration and maintenance effort enormous. To eliminate numerous sources of error and dramatically reduce the maintenance effort, EIZO offers a powerful overall colour management solution: the combination of monitors with built-in calibration sensor, the calibration software ColorNavigator and the cloud solution ColorNavigator Network allows a consistent colour-managed workflow to be centrally monitored, managed and maintained even across continents.

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With ColorNavigator Network, a single administrator can provide centralised quality control of all ColorEdge CG monitors with a built-in calibration sensor on the network. The administrator can set colour modes, schedule automatic self-calibration, enable key locks, register or adjust asset management settings, and import and export monitor settings for each monitor. For large projects with multiple production steps, such as games or feature films, this ensures that the correct colour standards are used by everyone involved, and administrators can even assign custom settings for specific projects or jobs. The built-in sensor eliminates the need for a staff member to visit and recalibrate each monitor. This is done automatically. In addition, EIZO hosts the server for data exchange in a secure cloud, so there are no additional investments or ongoing costs for providing a server for the user.

colornavigator network cloud server c48

SCI-Tech Award

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has honoured EIZO with the Scientific & Technical Award for the development of the CG Series ColorEdge monitors with built-in calibration sensors. The jury’s citation “EIZO’s automatically calibrating SDR monitors increase artists’ confidence in the accuracy of image reproduction across the enterprise and reduce disruptions to the creative process and production workflows. They have become indispensable to many major motion picture animation and effects studios.”

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Origin Point

Origin Point is a full service commercial, narrative, and documentary production company that specializes in creating branded content.


Studio Isar Animation

Studio Isar Animation uses EIZO ColorEdge and FlexScan monitors for editing cinema productions.



Netflix announced a joint project with Production I.G. useing ColorEdge for the World's first 4K HDR hand-drawn animation project.


Skydance Media

Production company Skydance Media relied on EIZO ColorEdge monitors for the VFX of the film Terminator: Dark Fate.


Pirates ‘N Paradise

The ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145 HDR grading monitor in action with the post-production experts at Pirates 'N Paradise.


Mackevision Medien Design GmbH

Mackevision trusts in the performance of the ColorEdge monitors and uses them in image production in all even remotely (colour) critical areas.



CG2700X | ColorEdge

cg319x cg series2x 680

CG319X | ColorEdge

  • 78.9 cm (31.1 Inches)
  • 4096 x 2160 (4k), 17:9 Format
  • IPS (Wide Gamut)
cg3146 cg series2x 65b

CG3146 | ColorEdge

  • 78.9 cm (31.1 Inches)
  • 4096 x 2160 (4k), 17:9 Format
  • Dual Layer IPS (Wide Gamut 10 Bit)

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