Life-like gaming thanks to the IPS panel

The other dimension of image quality: the IPS panel with LED backlight The IPS LCD module shines thanks to its lifelike colours and beautifully clear images. You can enjoy colour-proof gaming and can identify the gaming situation quickly and clearly even in complex scenes. Another highlight: the contrasts and colours remain stable from every viewing angle – regardless of whether you are looking at the middle or edges of the screen. This means that your team members can easily track what's happening in the game on adjacent screens. This grants you a valuable tactical edge.

Monitor with and without IPS panel from the front
With IPS panel
Without IPS panel
Monitor with and without IPS panel from the side
With IPS panel
Without IPS panel

Gaming fun with extremely low lag

Input lag is the delay on the screen when entering a command via a keyboard, mouse, or controller and can be the key to whether an objective is achieved or failed. The microprocessor developed by EIZO guarantees that commands are displayed on the screen with a maximum delay of just 0.05 frames. The benefits are clear: your chances increase considerably when gaming.

G-Ignition software and remote control for FS2434

Fine tuning made simple


Always the best colour settings, no matter if you are playing dark or bright games, videos, photos, or surfing, the G-Ignition software included makes it easy for you. Each application and gaming appearance can be allocated a mode. Also practical: All monitor settings can be controlled via G-Ignition.

Professional colour profiles

Do you want to game with the colour profiles of professional gamers? Nothing more simple than that. At you can download the settings used by CS:GO gamers like Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg. Simply download EIZO's own G-Ignition software (successor of ScreenManager Pro for gaming) and export it into your own settings.

Remote control

The remote control enables fine tuning from your sofa All vital functions are available through direct access.

G-Ignition remote control

Overdrive: Gaming without a time delay

Fast, faster, overdrive. The overdrive function accelerates the switching of pixels so that colour tone changes take just 4.9 ms on average. You can play with a brilliant display quality that conventional TN LCDs cannot come close to matching, without streaking and without a time delay.

Free from glare in any environment: Auto EcoView

Regardless of where and when you are playing, Auto EcoView adjusts the monitor brightness to the light conditions of its environment. fully automatically by using a sensor. This offers you a few benefits: On the one hand, annoying glare is prevented when bright light hits the screen, as the monitor brightness is automatically increased, meaning that dark details remain visible. On the other hand, the screen brightness is reduced when it gets darker during the course of the day or during a tournament, meaning your eyes do not tire as quickly during long matches and you can identify gaming situations more quickly and can play with greater concentration through to the final. Of course, you can still configure your monitor manually and you are free to choose the maximum and minimum image brightness.

Connections for all consoles and computers

Regardless of what games console, PC, or multimedia application you want to connect, the monitor has the right interface for you.

Designed to protect your back and eyes and ensure gaming fun

Gaming fun for hours: the height of the base can be adjusted by 60 mm, and it can be rotated 344° and tilted 25°. Back and neck tension are a thing of the past. As are tired eyes. The monitor delivers consistently flicker-free images regardless of the brightness settings, helping to protect your eyes. The anti-reflection coating on the display, which reduces annoying light reflection, and the slim side frame of just 6 mm ensure increased gaming fun. Gamers and clans who operate on multiple monitors will enjoy an almost seamless display service – for a breathtaking gaming experience. Also practical: Thanks to the integrated handle on the back, you can easily bring the monitor to tournaments.

Adjustable height
Adjustable height
Special features
Special features

Five-year warranty
Security: Five-year warranty

On the safe side with EIZO's 5-year warranty with on-site replacement service. You can therefore enjoy a considerably longer warranty than conventional gaming monitors, which normally only have a two-year warranty. Compliance with important standards like Energy Star and TÜV Ergonomics also provides for optimal gaming conditions.

Entspiegelung: mehr Bild, weniger Reflexion.

Der FS2735 bietet eine optimal entspiegelte Oberfläche. Indem Blendungen durch die Streuung des reflektierten Lichts minimiert werden, beugt die Entspiegelung effektiv einer Überanstrengung der Augen vor. Die Ermüdung der Augen wird verringert und außerdem kann man bequem vor dem Schirm sitzen, ohne „Zwangsposition“ um Blendungen zu vermeiden.