Work environment

To enable employees to work with energy and demonstrate their abilities clearly, it is important to create a workplace environment in which they feel comfortable and can maintain sound physical and mental health.

Respect for human rights

To maintain our stance on unacceptable behaviour such as forced or child labour, discriminatory remarks or actions and sexual or power harassment we all strictly adhere to our “Principles of Conduct.” We also participate in the United Nations Global Compact and RBA, which are guided by labour principles laid out by the “International Labor Organization”(ILO) “Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.” We are committed to protecting and respecting human rights within EIZO and our partners.

EIZO Group occupational health and safety basic policy

Established on Apr.26, 2019

The EIZO Group will create workplaces where all members are able to work safely and in good health. We established the following policies, endeavour to eradicate occupational incidents, and establish and implement activities concerning occupational health and safety. We therefore:

  • Conduct periodic assessments to identify occupational health and safety risks and implement appropriate countermeasures.
  • Raise awareness of maintaining and improving physical, mental, and emotional health and continually improve the health and safety of our members through on-going collaboration between the companies and its employees.
  • Establish an occupational health and safety management system and occupational health and safety goals, implement, review and continually improve performance.
  • Create opportunities for participation and consultation on occupational health and safety issues between members and the companies and ensure open communication between them.
  • Regularly educate members about occupational health and safety.
  • Comply with legal, moral and all other requirements regarding occupational health and safety.
  • Investigate and analyse the cause of any occupational accidents that may occurs and ensure corrective action is taken.
  • Prepare and provide training so that prompt measures are taken should an accident occur.

Mr. Kiyotaka Hira
Operating Officer
General Affairs

Occupational health and safety management system

To consistently maintain and develop activities for occupational health and safety, we have introduced an occupational health and safety management system at EIZO Corporation (Japan) and EIZO MS Corporation (Japan), which account for approximately 80% of total EIZO production. We promote health and safety activities that cover all onsite staff based on this system and have obtained the ISO 45001 certification in 2019.

ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System)

The certification has been maintained and updated by third parties through external audits.

ISO 45001

StandardISO 45001:2018
Certificate registr. no.01 213 1934327
First certification 2019
Scope Product Planning, Design/Development, Manufacturing, Sales and Service of Display Monitor Equipment and Peripherals Used for Computers, Entertainment and Computing Systems
Certification body TÜV Rheinland Cert GmbH

Risk assessment and prevention of industrial accidents

EIZO (Japan) seeks to educate employees and increase safety awareness through periodic workplace patrols and hazard prediction training. In addition, we strive to mitigate risks by applying a risk assessment method to investigate potential hazards and toxicity as well as implement countermeasures, assess the risks involved in handling chemical substances, check targeted substances using safety data sheets and enforce the use of appropriate protective gear for onsite work.

Furthermore, we seek to prevent industrial accidents at EIZO (Overseas) through initiatives such as organizing employee training and distributing handbooks on industrial accidents.

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Activities for employee health

We actively pursue measures for safeguarding employee health and improving workplace environments. These include conducting regular health check-ups, follow-up guidance, mental stress checks and holding events for maintaining good employee health. For staff who frequently work overtime, we provide one-on-one consultation and guidance to improve work processes and reduce mental stress. In Japan, we also work to maintain employee mental health by assigning in-house staff as contact points for responding to employee concerns and issues.

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Anti-smoking activities


All Group companies prohibit smoking inside company facilities to prevent exposure to passive smoking. In addition, EIZO (Japan) in April 2020 introduced a total ban on smoking during working hours and on company premises.

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Health day

(EIZO Europe GmbH, Germany)

We held a health event for employees with assistance of experts from external companies and medical institutions. Employees became even more health-conscious through activities such as exercising, massage, self-examinations and by interacting with experts.

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Health mobile

(EIZO GmbH, Germany)

We conducted a health event in cooperation with a major health insurance company in Germany. Employees checked their stress levels, levels of nutrition, sleep using equipment inside a camping car and received personal advice on daily routines to improve their health.