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STAUD STUDIOS is a leader in international automobile photography. Its large studio in Leonberg, Germany, offers plenty of space for media productions and a large selection of cutting-edge equipment for studio and location photography. Many renowned automobile manufacturers feature on its distinguished roster of clients, including Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Maserati.

Image and colour accuracy - STAUD STUDIOS relies on EIZO monitors

René Staud founded STAUD STUDIOS and is the visionary behind it all. He has photographed all of the major automobile brands on every continent, and many of today’s well-known photographers trained with him. His commitment to providing top-quality images means that he requires top-quality equipment. This doesn’t stop at the best cameras and the best computers; he also needs the best screens. After all, the final image appears on the screen first.

That’s why René Staud has complete faith in the EIZO brand. “We work for the top brands in the automobile industry and only deliver top results. We only use the best equipment and for us, that includes monitors from EIZO,” says René Staud, CEO and photographer. “Picasso didn’t paint using any old paintbrush from the DIY store,” adds Alexander Erwen, CG Artist at STAUD STUDIOS.

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"We work for the top brands in the automobile industry and only deliver top results. We only use the best equipment and for us, that includes monitors from EIZO."

CEO and photographer Renè Staud

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STAUD STUDIOS has already been using a wide variety of models from the EIZO FlexScan and ColorEdge series in photography, CGI, filming and post-production for more than a decade. When it comes to colour accuracy and colour management in the workflow, EIZO ColorEdge monitors impress with a precise, completely colour-accurate display. “Colour management is particularly important in retouching, as we often take care of printing as well. Standardized colour profiles and calibrated monitors are absolutely essential for delivering results as close to 100 per cent as possible. At the end of the day, our customers want quality assurance from creation right through to print production, and that only comes with reference monitors like those from EIZO,” explains René Staud.

ColorEdge monitors such as the CG246 are fitted with an integrated measurement device in order to achieve maximum colour accuracy. Using EIZO ColorNavigator software automatically ensures precise calibration, profiling and validation. The CG246 is currently being used in the film department at STAUD STUDIOS. The monitor is regularly calibrated once a week using the self-calibration feature.

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When asked how STAUD STUDIOS benefits from using colour-accurate, adjustable EIZO monitors, Sebastian Trescher, Senior Photoshop Artist at STAUD STUDIOS says: “It’s possible to check printed material that is in progress directly on the screen thanks to the soft proof quality, and the colour accuracy of the EIZO monitors means that we get a better end result when several composers are retouching one project. It’s also possible to view the screen from the side thanks to the high viewing angle stability of the device.”

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Area of application: "Monitors for photography, design, and media"

Image editing monitors for beginners and professionals: Their reliable colour rendering will mean they meet the high demands of all those who work with photos, films, and graphics.

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ColorEdge product line

Thanks to their exact colour rendering, EIZO’s ColorEdge LCD monitors shine not only when it comes to graphics, photography, and prepress, but also in film and television production.