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Christin Necker - Visual Storytelling through the Power of Drone Photography

Christin is a professional photographer and filmmaker on a lifelong mission to inspire her viewers through the power of visual storytelling. Professionally, her areas of expertise include time-lapse, hyper-lapse, drone videography, as well as exploring mountains and landscapes, capturing the beauty, strength, and style of existence. Her works have been shown on national and international television.

Christin draws from her talent, experiences, and wealth of knowledge from studying motion graphic design to create aesthetically pleasing works of art.

Moreover, she enjoys doing all the technical work required during and after shooting. Whenever she picks up a camera, there’s no limit to her flair. One of the biggest highlights of her career was winning first place for Best Time-Lapse at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.

Ultimately, Christin craves to use photography and videography to absorb, empower, and educate people through print and digital media but in her spare time, she enjoys flying drones and trading online.

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Interview with Christin Necker. Insight into her career and her work with the ColorEdge monitor.

EIZO: Christin, how did you become a photographer?

CN: I started very early – at the age of 14 I started shooting my first photo shoots and films with my friends. After my training as an IT specialist and acquiring a degree in graphic design, I dared to take the step towards self-employment. My career as a photographer involved a lot of learning-by-doing. The knowledge I have now was obtained from years of experience.

EIZO: Why did you specialise in drone photography?

CN: I am fascinated by the possibility of capturing objects from all possible angles. That's why I came across the subject of drones at some point.

EIZO: Do you need any special equipment?

CN: Solid basic equipment. A full-frame camera and prime lenses are a must. I also have a lot of lights. So I'm prepared for any situation.

EIZO: What inspires you?

CN: Nature and life.

EIZO: Are there any particular highlights or challenges in your career?

CN: Highlights: Certainly my first film award in Los Angeles. It was actually just a project of the heart and it quickly became a hit. Challenges: Shooting in special locations is always new and exciting.

EIZO: You have already received many awards and prizes - what are you particularly proud of?

CN: I am very happy when I inspire others to also dive into the world of film and photography.

EIZO: How important is studio equipment to you?

CN: Very important. I need solid and reliable hardware for my daily work. You can always rely on EIZO products. They run non-stop for 10-12 hours a day during the week.

EIZO: What do you particularly like about the EIZO monitor?

CN: The size is an incredible benefit and the 100% true colours. I can always be sure that everything is correct when I hand in a project.

“My EIZO ColorEdge is the perfect tool for having full control over the colour grading process. The monitor makes my workflow much easier because I can trust its amazing colour technology.”

Christin Necker uses the ColorEdge CG319X.

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