The Wüstenrot finance group

The Wüstenrot finance group is well-known in many countries as a building and loan association. Finanční skupina Wüstenrot decided to opt for FlexScan office monitors from EIZO to equip the workstations at its Czech offices.

A company history that spans decades

The history of the Wüstenrot finance group goes back almost 100 years.

Georg Kropp founded the ‘Gemeinschaft der Freunde’ (‘Community of Friends’) in the town of Wüstenrot in 1921 while Germany was suffering a post-war housing shortage. The underlying concept to this ‘community’ was that members would finance their own houses and apartments using collective savings. This gave rise to the first building society that helped its members to quickly and easily amass the necessary financial means to procure housing. This small society has developed into a financial company over the years, and instead of catering to the needs of just a few dozen members, millions of customers now place their trust in the building and loan association.

Wüstenrot has become a synonym for ‘building and loan association’ – not just in Germany, but also in the Czech Republic. ‘Wüstenrot – stavební spořitelna’ (‘Wüstenrot building society’) was established there in 1992. Wüstenrot hypoteční banka (or ‘Wüstenrot mortgage bank’) has formed part of the Wüstenrot financial group since it first took up business activities in 2001.

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Financial services from under one roof

Wüstenrot offers its customers the full scope of financial services from a single source. A financial consultant who provides specialist consultancy services and professional customer support is assigned to the customer and their family. Regional centres that fulfil the highest quality and service standards make up the backbone of Wüstenrot’s company structure.

Discreet customer counters, the outstanding professionalism of its highly qualified consultants, comprehensive financial advice, online services, barrier-free entrances and play areas for children are a matter of course, alongside the centres’ modern furnishings.

Fitting out the offices with FlexScan EV2316W

The Wüstenrot finance group places a strong emphasis on its company culture which is based on the tried-and-tested values of a family company. Employees enjoy the security of working for a renowned brand, while also being encouraged to incorporate their own ideas and develop new methods.

The company also attends to its employees’ needs by procuring high-quality technology. Wüstenrot decided to opt for office monitors from EIZO and has had over 600 FlexScan EV2316W models installed at its Czech offices since 2014.

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The 23-inch monitor impresses with its high image quality and displays images and graphics sharply and clearly with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Ergonomics at computer workstations are further boosted by the Auto EcoView functionality, which adjusts the brightness of the monitor to the ambient lighting conditions. This reduces annoying reflections and eye fatigue, while sharpening display content. The EV2316W is also suitable for multi-monitor operation. Wüstenrot availed itself of this option for plenty of workstations featuring two screens.

What was crucial for you in selecting suitable monitors for your employees? Which parameters were most important to you?

The main reasons why we switched to EIZO were its warranty period (which is twice as long as our previous supplier’s) and its monitors’ high product quality – not to mention the option of testing the product beforehand.

When did you first encounter the EIZO brand?

We have used EIZO monitors in a private context since the days of CRT screens. But EIZO is a very well-established and renowned brand on the market.

You use the monitors in a two-monitor configuration. Why is that? Why do you prefer this solution to individual monitors with larger screen diagonals?

The multi-monitor set-up has become a necessity in departments in which we draw up and evaluate customer contracts. We were not only able to increase efficiency, but also ergonomics for the user. Our employees are able to easily open several documents on these monitors at the same time and quickly transfer them to the banking system. Sometimes users also work with three monitors. Just one large monitor would offer the user the same level of comfort and ergonomics as two smaller monitors set up beside each other – but saving desk space is also essential, and this means that a large monitor wouldn’t be the best solution.

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