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Gooise Meren is a municipality in the south-eastern province of Noord-Holland in the Gooi en Vechtstreek region of the Netherlands. In 2019, the municipality decided to replace its office monitors with the EIZO FlexScan EV2450.

The municipality of Gooise Meren took various factors into account when choosing the new monitors.

Since the employees had complained about direct sunlight causing glare on their screens, the most important thing was to find an ergonomic solution that provided a glare-free view of the screen. Plus, the new monitors also had to have at least Full-HD resolution as well as narrow bezels so that two screens can be used as one single large monitor. The lowest possible energy consumption was also a crucial factor for the municipality of Gooise Meren.

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Gooise Meren’s ICT department is responsible for both purchasing new office equipment and disposing of devices that have reached the end of their service life in a responsible manner. WEEE guidelines prevent old devices from being accidentally exported to countries in which there are insufficient recycling facilities. The service life of future monitors also forms an important part of these guidelines.

The requirements outlined above were put to the test in a selection process involving various models from two different suppliers. The EIZO FlexScan EV2450 emerged victorious.

Since the 600 EIZO monitors were installed, the employees have stopped complaining about being disturbed by light reflections and can see all the content on the screen clearly despite the sunlight. The ability to set different contrast profiles for different applications also impressed. For example, paper mode is a good solution for reading text documents. This optimises the contrast, brightness and colour settings in order to simulate the experience of reading real paper documents.

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Last but not least, the warranty played a vital role in the decision to choose EIZO. The municipality Gooise Meren will amortize the monitors after five years. Since EIZO provides a five-year warranty period, the municipality will not be liable for any additional costs, such as for repairs or replacements, until the end of amortization period.

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