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In 2015, Dutch solicitor’s office De Haan Advocaten & Notarissen undertook a large-scale internal IT project in order to completely digitalise its workflows. As part of this, the decision was made to equip each workstation with two monitors to provide employees with the best possible support in everyday work processes. As a result, digital working, especially when using several applications simultaneously, is made significantly easier. The company opted for two FlexScan EV2450 monitors per workstation.

Particular attention was paid to monitor features that are important for the legal experts’ day-to-day work (narrow frame, luminosity, good reading mode) when it came to choosing a suitable brand.

At the recommendation of the IT administrators, the decision-makers quickly focussed their attention on the EIZO brand.

Several users, including two notaries and the employees in the finance department, put various EIZO monitor models through their paces. A decision was ultimately made in favour of the FlexScan EV2450.

flexscan ev24502x 194

The 24-inch FlexScan EV2450 office monitor.

Features such as the ergonomic adjustability of the height and tilt, freedom of viewing angle, paper mode, narrow frame and compact design with large anti-glare screens were the clinchers for the decision-makers. The dimensions and resolution of the EV2450 make reading and editing lengthy legal document comfortable and easy, while the monitors themselves don’t take up much space on desks.

Working with EIZO monitors stops employees from straining their eyes, allowing them to concentrate for longer when they work at a screen. ‘Paper mode’ is an important element in this as reducing the amount of blue emitted by the screen makes reading more comfortable. It’s increasingly rare these days for people to read paper documents, although solicitors still prefer to have printed documents in front of them. Having said that, the use of two EIZO monitors per workstation was met with such a positive reception from the employees that some of them have now installed a similar monitor set-up in their offices at home as well.

In 2016, De Haan Advocaten & Notarissen began the gradual process of replacing all of their monitors with EIZO models. Around 70 per cent of the workstations have now been equipped with EIZO monitors; the replacement process is expected to be fully completed by 2021. De Haan Advocaten & Notarissen is extremely pleased with the FlexScan office monitors. Last but not least, EIZO’s favourable service and warranty plan also played a key role in the selection process.


De Haan Advocaten & Notarissen

Over the course of the past four decades, continuous growth has seen De Haan Advocaten & Notarissen develop into a mid-sized solicitor’s office that can provide the highest standard of legal services, and it now employs more than 80 experts, including solicitors, notaries and notary candidates. Its main areas are the manufacturing industry, the environment, waste and energy, health care, construction and property law, as well as commerce, transportation and logistics. De Haan Advocaten & Notarissen has earned a reputation among businesses as a strong legal partner.

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