For permanent monitoring of mainframe applications, there was only one choice for KBC: EIZO

KBC Bank and Insurances renovated the control room for the monitoring of mainframe transactions. The application consists of viewing several mainframe transactions simultaneously. Such sessions resemble “classic” square DOS windows. Precisely because they are square, KBC Bank & Insurances encountered issues with widescreen monitors. The EIZO EV2730Q square monitors proved to be perfect because it allows KBC Bank & Insurances to open four (4) applications together on one monitor. Also height‐wise they proved to be perfect because the upper border is at eye height, so users do not have to look up and do not suffer any neck strain. The image desktop continues down to the desk, which maximizes the total available space.

Technically one personal computer pilots two monitors, both through a DisplayPort signal. This explains the even number of monitors in the control room. As a consequence, 8 simultaneous applications are visualized per desktop. The desktops used are standard units with Intel HD Graphics, no special video boards are needed. On top of that, every user in the control room still uses his own laptop/monitor combination to perform other tasks (these are the widescreen monitors in the picture). All users of the control room confirmed their satisfaction. Good image quality, large surface. Perfect for the applications in use.

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EIZO wish to thank Mr. Robby Moeyaert of KBC Bank & Insurances for choosing EIZO monitors and his support on this testimonial.

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