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Micro Nav and Royal Netherlands Air Force rely on EIZO Raptor RP4325 for improving quality and efficiency in air traffic control training and simulation

Micro Nav is the leading, award-winning specialist developer and supplier of air traffic control (ATC) and air defence simulators and training systems with an unbroken track record since 1988. Micro Nav is trusted by air navigation service providers, academic establishments, airports and military worldwide.

What was required?

Micro Nav originally delivered an ATC simulator to the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) in 2009. As part of a planned merge of the training facilities for RNLAF and Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland (LVNL) into a new facility at Schiphol East, Amsterdam, Micro Nav were contracted again last year to recreate the simulator platform and provide a high-fidelity solution to enable high quality ATC training to be delivered for the next ten years.

polaris opening ceremony 3d5

Micro Nav’s Managing Director, Greg Pile, joined Michiel van Dorst of LVNL and Dennis Luyt of Koninklijke Luchtmacht for the opening of the Polaris building at Schiphol-East by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. As part of the event, His Majesty was given a tour of the Micro Nav-supplied 360° 3D tower and radar simulator.

his majesty king willem alexander touring the new educational facilities at the polaris radar and training centre 67a

The EIZO solution

The installation has been completed at RNLAF’s new training facilities with Micro Nav’s award-winning Automatic Display Alignment System being used, with a rear-projected 360° 3D tower simulator. It consists of 18 projectors to create an impressive 3D image on an opaque screen. A tower cabin built inside the screen adds to the realism. In addition, a mini 3D tower, and radar controller facility installed in consoles, which replicates the operational environment, provide RNLAF with a first-class, fully immersive simulation experience.

3d tower simulator setup 0e0

Each of the radar controller workstations were fitted with the EIZO Raptor RP4325 monitors to replicate the radar screens used in the operational environment. The ability to enable multiple input sources, and 24/7 reliability, was key in the decision-making process and will allow future system upgrades to be installed.

radar controller workstations equipped with eizo raptor rp4325 monitors d7f

“I was fortunate to work on the original project with RNLAF in 2009 and was therefore pleased to be invited to continue the relationship by helping to project manage the new installation at Polaris. The simulator platform agreed with RNLAF, which included EIZO Raptor screens for the Radar Controllers, helps to ensure that students experience a real-world environment during their training and assists their transition to live operations.”

Stephen Lodge, Micro Nav Project Manager

EIZO has been an industry leader in the innovation and development of quality 2K primary control monitors for ATC since 2005.

Backed by over 50 years of technical expertise in visual display solutions, the Raptor RP4325 is the industry’s first 4K x 2K monitor developed specifically for ATC. It combines the features of EIZO’s line of primary control monitors while adding further value with 4K resolution, unique functionality, and operational reliability.

In a multi-monitor setup, the users’ eyes need to scan from one monitor to the next; a process which can be strenuous. They also need to adjust to the varying pixel sizes and colour characteristics between multiple monitors and this contribute to eye strain on the air traffic control officer over long periods of operation. Advantages of the 4K2K resolution itself include having all pertinent information viewable on a single screen, no obtrusive bezel frames between feeds, consistent colour characteristics and font size across the entire visual HMI, and a reduction in eye fatigue.

2x fba

EIZO has now developed the industry’s first 4K x 2K primary control monitor specifically for the ATC environment: The Raptor RP4325 is a 42.5″ monitor backed by more than 10 years of primary control monitor development and over 50 years of expertise in visual display solutions. It uses an industrial LCD module that meets the stringent requirements of ATC. The monitor can also display video from up to four sources simultaneously, each of which can be freely positioned on the screen. EIZO plans to continue to evolve the Raptor RP4325 with customer-driven development to address growth and change in the ATC market.

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