The private Waltrovka Mamma-Diagnostic Centre in Prague relies on EIZO quality

Prof. MUDr. Jan Daneš, CSc. is the chief physician at the mamma-diagnostic screening centre in Berouně, and, as of early 2018, of a centre in Prague 5 as well. He is one of the leading figures in the field of breast cancer diagnostics in the Czech Republic as well as in Europe as a whole.

Daneš is the Deputy Chairman of the Czech Association of Mammography Diagnosticians, the Chairman of the Breast Cancer Screening Commission of the Czech Ministry of Health and the expert for the Czech early detection programme. He has led the radiodiagnostic clinic of the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague since 1998, and has also served as a board member of General University Hospital in Prague since that time.

While digitalising radiology workstations, Daneš came into contact with technologies and manufacturers that more or less fulfilled the strict requirements for the precise processing of X-ray images.

During this time, he also got to know EIZO products. He greatly appreciates their high level of reliability and the uncompromising quality of their image reproduction, which is grounded in their high manufacturing quality as well as the RadiCS calibration and quality control software with which they are supplied. EIZO monitors fulfil the high quality standards for workstations at the General University Hospital in Prague.

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Prof. MUDr. Jan Daneš uses the EIZO RadiForce monitors.

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Treatment rooms with a pleasant atmosphere.

Daneš wished to offer his patients one-on-one consultation and a more pleasant environment during mammography screenings, which is why he opened a private mammography centre in Berouně 20 years ago. Its treatment rooms quickly gained popularity and recognition for their positive and inviting atmosphere, drawing patients from locales as distant as the Plzeň Region and South Bohemian Region. More and more patients from Prague came as well. For this reason, Professor Daneš decided to open another mamma-diagnostic centre in Prague in 2018.

The new centre is located in Jinonice, Prague 5, inside the newly rebuilt Walter building. During the reconstruction process, all of the key architectural elements of the original industrial architecture were retained.

Based on his many years of satisfying experiences with EIZO monitors, Daneš chose to equip the diagnostic workstations at the Prague centre with the 5-megapixel RadiForce GX550 monitors. These high-quality, optimally calibrated diagnostic monitors make it possible for doctors to quickly make error-free diagnoses.

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The Waltrovka Mamma-Diagnostic Centre in Prague.


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The right monitor for every situation in mammography diagnostics.

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