MITIS Health rolls out EIZO home reporting solutions for Frimley Park Hospital


Barry Clyde is the Founder/CEO of Medical Imaging & Teleradiology IT Systems (MITIS) Health.

Prior to establishing MITIS, he worked in Radiology and IT, focusing on conventional home reporting methodology. His experience with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) equipment revealed the potential of the technology in radiology.

Radiologists working with CT and MRI scans, and DPR medical records spent a lot of time downloading big data sets using VPN. To help them better use their time, Barry and his team developed MITIS VDI. This solution streams information in real-time, like Netflix.

“We have worked alongside the Royal College of Radiology to introduce a protocol that suits their VDI needs and diagnostic radiology. MITIS VDI offers a broader spectrum of colours assimilating more variants of grey crucial for radiologists”, says Barry.

MITIS VDI’s lossless images require medical monitors capable of faithfully representing them to radiologists and other medical professionals across a wide region.

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Challenge - limitations of off-the-shelf monitors and the lack of a centralised quality control solution

“They are unreliable and inconsistent. They may start with high-quality output, but there’s gradual degradation – yellowing of the screen and flickering. Nine times out of ten, radiologists won’t even know there is a problem. This can lead to misdiagnosis of patients”, said Barry, on why off-the-shelf monitors are not fit for medical imaging.

MITIS Health also wanted to overcome the challenges associated with managing quality standards of DICOM monitors. When a hospital’s radiology team is geographically scattered, with home reporting becoming popular, ensuring all the monitors were calibrated to MITIS VDI specifications to stream lossless imaging was a logistical nightmare.

They needed a comprehensive solution that could tick these boxes while adhering to stringent quality standards and providing value for money.

"I will absolutely recommend EIZO monitors to my peers. In my years of using them, I’ve never had one fail on me. Their accuracy, reliability, calibration capabilities, and warranty make EIZO monitors an obvious choice for radiology and medical imaging."

Barry Clyde (CEO, MITIS Health)

The solution

MITIS Health rolled out EIZO’s home reporting solution at Frimley Park Hospital enabling their radiologists to work remotely with a high level of fidelity.

DICOM-Standard Medical Monitors

EIZO RadiForce RX360 (3MP monitors)

The RX360 monitors were directly connected to either a NUC or laptop. Their USB and DisplayPort Daisy-chain connection capability eliminated the need for a multitude of cables being connected back to the computer allowing for a simple, clean workstation. Additionally, the stand for the monitor can easily be tilted and turned, as well as the option to be used in portrait or landscape, making sure that each user has a comfortable and customisable operating position.

EIZO RadiForce RX660 (6MP monitors)

The RX660’s 30-inch screen allows radiologists to view multiple images simultaneously including plain film, CT, MRI, and ultrasound. The team has split the screens by 2 x 3, reducing the need for any unnecessary medical equipment on the desk.

Centralised Quality Control

“What we like with the EIZO solution is that the RadiForce monitor and RadiNET Pro software work together. It’s not just a monitor. We can install the agent on the Windows 10 desktop to place in radiologists’ homes. It works in the background to carry out calibration analysis on the monitors and sends a report to a centralised location”, says Barry.

RadiNET Pro is EIZO’s centralised management software solution, which enables hospitals to manage all client PC monitors which have the EIZO RadiCS software installed. As a web-based application, administrators can conduct QA operations from anywhere within the hospital or home offices via a web browser.

For MITIS Health Frimley Park Hospital, this means:
  • Dramatic reduction in time and effort required by administrators to calibrate monitors because QC tasks such as testing and calibration using the integrated front sensor can be performed remotely
  • Considerable savings in time and labour costs with all software updates (e.g. RadiCS) being automated and pushed remotely with no down-time or interruption
  • Transparency of asset information - i.e., model names and usage time of RadiForce and FlexScan monitors can be displayed
  • Acceptance and consistency tests can be scheduled to run automatically depending on specific departmental requirements
  • Running regular, comprehensive QC reports to show historic results and general monitor health
  • Several users can access the system from a wide geographic area because there is no limit to the number of licenses

Barry confirmed, “Even with 30-50 radiologists working remotely, the RadiNET Pro software centralises all the reports including usage hours, luminance, and technical specifications of the workstations. These reports can be accessed by medical physicists and the PACS team from a single point of entry.”


Barry visited the EIZO headquarters in Ascot, Berkshire to test out the MITIS solution with a range of EIZO RadiForce products alongside sales and product specialists before specifying the solution.

The EIZO home reporting solution consisting of RadiForce monitors, RadiNET Pro and RadiCS Quality Control Software integrates seamlessly with the MITIS VDI solution. The set-up required minimal configuration.

Commenting on the implementation and support programme, Barry said, “I’ve got a great relationship with the product specialists and the sales team. I trust in their service quality and have never had to seek their support post-implementation because I’ve never had a problem with the monitors. Nonetheless, I take comfort in knowing the EIZO support and engineering team is always at hand to assist remotely with any monitor-related issue my team or the end-users could have.”

MITIS Health and Frimley Park Hospital are supported by an industry-leading 5-year warranty which includes a “next business day swap” on all RadiForce monitors, performed by a dedicated EIZO engineer.

RadiForce RX660 1 e1667810386701


RX660 | RadiForce

  • 76 cm (30 Inches)
  • 6 Megapixels (colour),
  • IPS
  • 2 x DisplayPort, 1 x DVI-D
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RadiNET Pro | Accessories